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Episode 790 – David Kupelian

Thursday August 10th 2017 In this edition we welcome David Kupelian, – Vice President & Managing Editor of World Net Daily – – for insight regarding “The Snapping of the American Mind”, how the hard Left is dividing our country, what actions Americans need to take ensure that the United States remains a world […]

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‘ISIS terrorists may sneak into US from Western Europe’

By Islamic State terrorists infiltrated Western Europe through migrant flocks and the US is going to have the same problem unless it does something about the visa waiver program from these countries, says Michael Maloof, a former Pentagon official, told RT. The eventual victory over Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could lead to an […]

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Europe’s Rising Far Right

By Amid a migrant crisis, sluggish economic growth and growing disillusionment with the European Union, far-right parties — some longstanding, others newly formed — have been achieving electoral success in a number of European nations. Here is a quick guide to eight prominent far-right parties that have been making news; it is not a […]

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Europe will ‘soon have more Muslims than Christians’

By Muslims will soon outnumber Christians in Europe, a Belgian minister has claimed. Speaking at a hearing into the Brussels attacks, Koen Geens said the European Community may not realise it “but this is the reality”. His comments were followed by Belgian deputy prime minister Jan Jambon warning against Europeans “making an enemy of […]

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Terrorists entering Europe because of porous borders may be undetectable, EU’s own border agency admits

By Terrorists are using the migration crisis to enter Europe and plot atrocities across the continent, the European Union’s own border agency has admitted. In a report which lays bare the concerns about the EU’s porous borders, Frontex conceded that it does not know the true number of migrants who have crossed into the continent […]

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George Soros openly admits plan to destroy national borders, flood Europe with refugees

By For years many in the alternative media, as well as those in more conspiracy oriented right-wing circles, have attempted to expose the fact that liberal billionaire George Soros has and is funding a vast network of left-wing media outlets, activists, and social justice organizations. From providing early funding to hard left news outlets […]

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LONDON - FEBRUARY 03:  Muslim demonstrators hold banners at the Danish Embassy on February 3, 2006 in London. British muslims have condemned newspaper cartoons which first appeared in a Danish newspaper, some of which depict the Prophet Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. The cartoons have sparked worldwide protests.  (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Will America Welcome Refugee Invaders as Europeans say NO WAY?

By: Europe is starting to wise up about the threat of Islam. Unfiltered reports show huge crowds taking to the streets to protest the refugees’ barbaric behavior. Thousands of young, fit, fighting-age men, wearing new athletic shoes, taking “selfies” with the latest mobile phones, still swarm through Europe looking for the best social services […]

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ScienceNordic Was on the Scene When Archaeologists Excavated a Sacred Bog from the Iron Age

By: [youtube] When Finn Jørgensen, a farmer from North-western Denmark, was repairing the drainage system in his field, he had not expected to discover a 2,000-year-old human skull. Jørgensen immediately called the local archaeologists at Vendsyssel Historical Museum. They found four additional skulls, which they believe were sacrificed at some point during the […]

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WATCH: Farage Blasts Hollande, Merkel on “Stampede” of “Aggressive, Male, Economic Migrants”

By: [youtube] UKIP leader Nigel Farage has blasted the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Francois Hollande in the European Parliamentary chamber in Strasbourg today, following their guest speeches in which they urged “more Europe” and further European Union (EU) integration. Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Hollande both used their speeches to […]

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Breivik Pledges Hunger Strike “Until Death”

By: Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has threatened to go on hunger strike until he dies of starvation in protest at what he claims has been a dramatic worsening of his prison conditions. In an open letter sent a Norwegian and Swedish media, Breivik complained that since the second of September, he had […]

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The Invasion of Europe

By: [youtube] “Hi, I’m Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended. Cheers.” The EU is breaking the law to import rape and jihad. Germany: Migrant rape epidemic – Germany in a state of siege. – Greatest tide yet to come as the EU refuses […]

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Why Hungary’s Victor Orbán Got It Right on Islam

By: Some central and east European countries are being criticized by more “progressive” Western nations for not wanting to take in Muslim refugees. Chief among them is Hungary, specifically in the person of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Western media are characterizing him as “xenophobic,” “full of hate speech,” and Europe’s “creeping dictator.” Sounding like […]

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5000 Years on Ice: Ötzi, Europe’s Oldest Celebrity

By: When German tourists Erika and Helmut Simons found a human body in the Austrian-Italian Alps, they had no idea what they’d stumbled upon. This iceman was over 5000 years old – and was something archaeologists had never seen before. On Thursday 19th September 1991, two German tourists were out hiking in the Ötztal […]

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