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Articles and stories by John B. Wells, including topics discussed on the program.


Ark Midnight Live With John B Wells – Sat March 18 – Guest: John McAfee

Don’t miss “Ark Midnight” Saturday evening LIVE on KLIF570 – Episode 41 @ 10pm to Midnight (Central Time) Our guest today – John McAfee Show Topic – Mass Surveillance & Vault7 Lines will be open if you would like to join our conversation. See you there! – Studio line – 888-787 5543 Join our […]

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NATO chief sounds alarm over Russian buildup from Baltic to Mediterranean

By NATO’s secretary-general has sounded the alarm over the build-up of Russian military forces from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, and called on the U.S.-led alliance to come up with a response. Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the Russians have concentrated military forces in Kaliningrad, the Black Sea and the eastern Mediterranean, where […]

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Flashback: Former U.S. Navy SEAL says Government Is CREATING Conditions to Impose Martial Law

By: [youtube] Ex-US Navy SEAL Ben Smith joins Fox News and drops a bombshell on the US government by revealing that the government ITSELF is CREATING the conditions necessary to impose martial law here in America. This is a must watch video for those who feel martial law is merely believed by conspiracy […]

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U.S. to Release 6,000 Inmates from Prisons

By: The Justice Department is preparing to release roughly 6,000 inmates from federal prisons starting at the end of this month as part of an effort to ease overcrowding and roll back the harsh penalties given to nonviolent drug dealers in the 1980s and ’90s, according to federal law enforcement officials. About a third […]

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Global Nuclear Facilities “at Risk” of Cyber Attack

By: The risk of a “serious cyber attack” on nuclear power plants around the world is growing, warns a report. The civil nuclear infrastructure in most nations is not well prepared to defend against such attacks, it added. Many of the control systems for the infrastructure were “insecure by design” because of their age, […]

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United States Tracks Children to Push Gardasil Vaccine – Rest of the World Becoming Skeptical

By: The United States continues to carelessly move forward with the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Meanwhile, due to its endless damage, the shot is the center of criminal lawsuits in Spain, India, France, Japan and many other countries. In the UK, the HPV vaccination push has 8,228 official reports of side-effects, almost more than all […]

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Texas: ATS Returns to Court to Block Anti-Camera Vote

By: Traffic camera company tells Texas Court of Appeals that Cleveland residents must not be allowed to vote on red light cameras. Andy TaylorAmerican Traffic Solutions (ATS) was back in court Thursday to persuade a Texas Court of Appeals panel that the public should not be allowed to decide whether their community uses red […]

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VIDEO: Angry Muslims Taunt NJ School Officials: “We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon”

By: [youtube] Muslim parents taunted school officials in Jersey City, New Jersey after schools would not close for Eid al-Adha. Some members of the Jewish faith said they felt they were being discriminated against because they weren’t getting their own school days off for holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. So the […]

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Heavy Hand of Government Poised to Strike Again

By: To comply with the 2005 Real ID Act, citizens in a number of U.S. states will now be forced to obtain a passport if they want to board an airplane….Even for domestic flights. Starting in 2016, travelers from five U.S. states – Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, and Wisconsin will not be […]

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Defense Labs Possibly Mishandled Plague Bacteria

By: Defense Department labs may have improperly stored samples of bacteria that could cause plague in addition to anthrax and other toxins for which the facilities were already under scrutiny, a Pentagon spokesman said. A new inquiry involving the shipment and storage of samples of the Yersinia pestis bacteria, which can cause plague, and […]

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USAFE Chief Calls for an F-22 Base in Europe

By: In light of Russia’s recent aggressive action in Europe, the commander of US Air Forces Europe is calling for a permanent F-22 Raptor base in the region. The Air Force last month deployed four F-22s to Europe for the first time ever as part of the European Reassurance Initiative, a Pentagon effort to […]

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Ukraine President Under Pressure to Install Saakashvili as New PM

By: In his interview today with The Independent, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tried to talk up the possibility of peace with Russia, a dramatic shift for a politician whose whole term in office has been built around talking up the idea of a full-scale war with Russia. The bigger news, however, is that Poroshenko […]

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Japan Seeks Biggest-Ever Defense Budget Amid China Concerns

By: Japan’s Defense Ministry wants to buy an advanced Aegis radar-equipped destroyer and more F-35 fighters under its largest-ever budget to bolster the defense of southern islands amid a territorial dispute with China. The ministry endorsed a 5.1 trillion yen ($42 billion) budget request Monday for the year beginning next April, up 2.2 percent […]

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Russia Is Stalling an Investigation into Whether One of Its Capsized Nuclear Submarines Is Spreading Dangerous Radiation

By: Russian customs has for the last 10 months held in impound samples from a sunken nuclear submarine that Russian scientists sent to their Norwegian counterparts to confirm whether the wreck poses any radiological hazards, Norwegian media have reported.The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA), which has participated in several joint missions with Russian authorities […]

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