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Articles and stories by John B. Wells, including topics discussed on the program.

Global Derivatives: $1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb

By: When investing becomes gambling, bad endings follow. The next credit crunch could make 2008-09 look mild by comparison. Bank of International Settlements(BIS) data show around $700 trillion in global derivatives. Along with credit default swaps and other exotic instruments, the total notional derivatives value is about $1.5 quadrillion – about 20% more than […]

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White House Response to Anti-Mandatory Vaccine Petition

By: With the White House finally responding to the petition to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden with a big fat ‘NO’, the government went one step further and responded to an anti mandatory vaccine petition with a similar response. Both ‘We the People’ petitions exceeded the necessary 100,000 signatures, despite efforts to freeze the […]

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A Startup that Wants to Make It Easier to Tweak Our Genes Just got $120 Million from Investors Including Bill Gates

By: There’s a new way to edit genes, and companies want to use it to treat disease. Editas Medicine, a company aimed at providing technologies that enable scientists to tweak our genes, just raised $120 million to continue studying a novel new technology that could make this far easier. The tool is known as […]

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Saudis Intent on Russians French Mistrals

By: Saudi Arabia is reportedly external link [French] looking to purchase France’s pair of Mistral LHDs for Egypt, following an agreement between Russia and France last week which opened up the possibility of a foreign buyer for the two ships. China expressed interest in the two ships when negotiations between Paris and Moscow began […]

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Documents Show Police Excuses for Militarization

By: Mother Jones got ahold of some of the forms police agencies fill out when requesting military gear from the Pentagon. They’re pretty revealing. . . . the single most common reason agencies requested a mine-resistant vehicle was to combat drugs. Fully a quarter of the 465 requests projected using the vehicles for drug […]

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Franklin Graham’s Comments About Halting Muslim Immigration Has Refugee Resettlement Contractor Shaking

By: Could there be a little rebellion in the ranks? I’m talking about federal refugee resettlement contractor World Relief (aka National Association of Evangelicals). It seems that in the wake of Evangelist Franklin Graham’s call for a halt to Muslim immigration following the Chattanooga murder of four Marines and a Naval officer by an […]

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Anti-Whistleblower ‘Ag-Gag’ Law Ruled Unconstitutional

By: We’ve written a few times about the ridiculousness of so-called ag-gag laws, that prohibit photographing or videotaping farms (sometimes even from public land). These laws were pushed for heavily by large industrial farmers who were sick of animal rights advocates getting images and videos of the conditions in farms and slaughterhouses that were […]

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The Latest Government Trust Fund to Go Bankrupt

By: On June 6, 1932, President Herbert Hoover imposed the first ever national gasoline tax in the United States, initially set at 1 cent per gallon. It was a major success for the federal government; the tax on gasoline alone was responsible for over 15% of their 1933 tax revenue. What’s curious is that […]

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Teva to Buy Allergan Generic Business for $40.5 Billion, Drops Mylan Bid

By: Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries will pay $40.5 billion in cash and stock for Allergan’s generic drugs business, solidifying Teva’s position as the world’s No. 1 maker of generics while freeing Allergan to focus on branded drugs, paying down debt and potential “transformational” acquisitions. The deal, the largest in Israel’s corporate history, allows Teva […]

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Audit: Nuclear Lab Lets Safety Gaps Languish for Years

By: An obscure facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory for nine years provided vital scientific data about a critical gas used in America’s arsenal of nuclear weapons, until it was shuttered four years ago due to a raft of safety problems that have stubbornly persisted. The Energy Department, which oversees and finances the lab’s […]

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More Surveillance: E.U. Parliament Adopts Proposal on Airline Passengers Data Sharing

By: On Wednesday, the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE) adopted — by a slim majority (32 votes to 27) — the EU Passenger Name Records (EU-PNR) directive proposal, presented by Rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope, a conservative MEP from the UK. As Access has warned several times, the EU-PNR directive poses a threat to […]

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We Need a Crash to Sort the Wheat from the Chaff

By: When a speculator bought a new particle-board-and-paint McMansion in the middle of nowhere in 2007 with nothing down and a $500,000 mortgage, the lender and the buyer both considered the house as $500,000 of collateral. The lender counted the house as a $500,000 asset, and the speculator considered it his lottery ticket in […]

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After Obama’s Nuke Deal, What Happens If Israel Attacks Iran?

By: In urging congressional Republicans and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reconsider their strong opposition to a new international agreement to block Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon in return for lifting economic sanctions, President Obama on Wednesday argued opponents of the deal have offered no alternative to diplomacy except going to war […]

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Russian Firm Dismisses South Africa Nuclear Build Fears

By: Russia’s state energy corporation Rosatom on Wednesday denied that it had already secretly won a massive nuclear power contract in South Africa, and sought to allay fears of corruption over the deal. Critics of the government’s controversial plan to build eight nuclear reactors worth up to $100 billion (91 billion euros) should “stop […]

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MasterCard Will Begin Trials of Face Recognition Software to Authorize Payments – Let the Travesty Begin!

By: In its continuing effort to crack down on fraud, MasterCard has announced ambitious plans to trial a new program that approves online purchases using facial scans. The program is scheduled to begin in the US this Fall and – if successful – could be rolled out globally. Company executives told CNN Money that […]

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The Calamity of the Disappearing School Libraries

By: From coast to coast, elementary and high school libraries are being neglected, defunded, repurposed, abandoned and closed. The kindest thing that can be said about this is that it’s curious; the more accurate explanation is that it’s just wrong and very foolish. A 2011 survey conducted with my graduate students of 25 separate […]

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America and Russia Test New Tactical Nuclear Missiles

By: Both Russia and the United States are scheduled to test new tactical nuclear missiles this month. According to the Russian state-owned Tass, Moscow is currently preparing to test its Iskander tactical missile systems. “Servicemen of a missile unit of the Southern Military District deployed in the Krasnodar Territory began preparations for drills and […]

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