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Episode 796 – Pascale Naessens

Tuesday August 22nd 2017 In this edition we welcome v to tell us about her time as a model and what led her to telling people about food and how to improve your diet. Naessens informs us about using butter, oils, water, and salt to season and prepare foods more naturally; also highlighting the benefits […]

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Mike Adams

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is a published scientist, lab science director, and inventor of a patented anti-radiation formula that removes radionuclides from the human body. As the founder of Natural News, Adams has worked for over 15 years to expose the lies and deceptions of the science and medical cartels that enslave humanity. Website […]

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Ty Bollinger

Ty Bollinger is a happily married husband and father, Christian, CPA, health freedom advocate, health researcher, former competitive bodybuilder, talk radio host, documentary film producer, and best-selling author. After losing several family members to cancer (including his mother and father), Ty refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective […]

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Episode 689 – Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson

Tuesday February 14th 2017 In this edition we join Dr. D. Lindsey Berkson. Dr.Berkson is an author of 19 books, and two more still to come. We discuss “knowing your gut” as being a key to improving your life, health, and your love life. She also warns us about what is in our food, and […]

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Why Elephants Rarely get Cancer

By: Why elephants rarely get cancer is a mystery that has stumped scientists for decades. A study led by researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah and Arizona State University, and including researchers from the Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation, may have found the answer. According to the results, […]

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End of Life Care: “We’re Reluctant to Talk About Death”

By: SPIEGEL: Doctor Gawande, are you beginning to feel your age? Gawande: Without question. I had to switch bifocals this year. I was always near-sighted and now I’m also far-sighted. My 19-year old daughter has started beating me at word games because I just don’t process like I used to. While playing tennis, I […]

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United States Tracks Children to Push Gardasil Vaccine – Rest of the World Becoming Skeptical

By: The United States continues to carelessly move forward with the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Meanwhile, due to its endless damage, the shot is the center of criminal lawsuits in Spain, India, France, Japan and many other countries. In the UK, the HPV vaccination push has 8,228 official reports of side-effects, almost more than all […]

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What Old Age Is Really Like

By: What does it feel like to be old? Not middle-aged, or late-middle-aged, but one of the members of the fastest-growing demographic: the “oldest old,” those aged eighty-five and above? This has been the question animating me for a couple of years, as I’ve tried to write a novel from the perspective of a […]

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Breast Milk banking_Mosaic_Laura breiling_milkdrop-and-baby

Give and Take: The Ethics of Donating Breast Milk

By: Her milk was the only thing Jen Canvasser could give her babies. Born at 28 weeks, three months prematurely, Zachary and Micah weighed less than two pounds and were rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The boys were born so early that Canvasser’s milk hadn’t yet come in. Canvasser may have […]

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The New Faces of Coke

By: Last week Coca-Cola disclosed its practice of paying researchers and health professionals millions of dollars. It spent $21.8 million to fund pro-industry research and $96.8 million on partnerships with health organizations, including $2.1 million directly paying health experts. I couldn’t stop wondering — What kind of health expert accepts Coca-Cola funding? Turns out that most […]

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The Island of Color Blindness

By: Many people have some level of colour deficiency but an island where a tenth of the population is totally colour-blind gives us some fascinating insights, writes Michael Mosley. When we were living in London my wife Clare, who is a GP, saw a patient who was an engineer for the London Underground. He […]

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Inuit Study Adds Twist to Omega-3 Fatty Acids’ Health Story

By: As the Inuit people spread across the Arctic, they developed one of the most extreme diets on Earth. They didn’t farm fruits, vegetables or grains. There weren’t many wild plants to forage, aside from the occasional patch of berries on the tundra. For the most part, the Inuit ate what they could hunt, […]

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The “Blue Men” of Kentucky and Other Dermatological Oddities

By: In 1958, a strange thing happened at the University of Kentucky Hospital. Luke Combs, whose family had lived in the region for several generations, had brought his wife into the University Hospital for an examination. However, upon arriving, the doctors there were more interested in studying Luke than the ails his wife had […]

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Condom Lubricant for Joint Pain? Who knew?

By: Condom lubricant soothes arthritic joints – it’s become the condom myth that will not die as fresh reports suggest elderly Limpopo residents are falling victim to the hype. In September 2013, South African and international media reported that senior citizens were rubbing condoms on sore knees and joints after mistakenly believing that the […]

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Case Study: Tinnitus with Distortion

By: A periodically appearing low-frequency tinnitus is one of my least favorite signals. A doctor’s visit only resulted in a WONTFIX and the audiogram shown here, which didn’t really answer any questions. Also, the sound comes with some pecularities that warrant a deeper analysis. So it shall become one of my absorptions. The possible […]

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