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Semen and Other Bizarre Allergies

By: An allergy is reaction that occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts to a substance that is normally harmless. This substance is called an allergen. The cause of most people’s allergies is not known. An allergy usually begins with sensitisation when the person is exposed to an allergen, and symptoms vary according to […]

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My Great Grandmother’s Industrially Processed Food

By: Warnings not to eat anything your grandmother (or great grandmother or great-great grandmother) would not recognize as food have echoed around the web since Michael Pollan first promoted this rule of eating. Pollan could have assigned a date to the moment when new and supposedly dangerous foods were introduced, foods he frequently identifies […]

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From Seven to 93, This Is How to Age Gracefully

By: [youtube] Growing up and getting older can both be terrifying in their own right. The quest for advice on how to do both is never-ending. Canada’s CBC Radio’s Wire Tap, a Saturday afternoon talk show, may have the answer to both. As the show ends its 11 years run, the station released […]

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The Healing Powers of Carrots

By: ‘You ask, ‘What is life?­’” asked Russian author and playwright Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in a letter to his wife, Olga Knipper. “That is the same as asking, ‘What is a carrot.’ A carrot is a carrot and we know nothing more.” That was in the past; but not these days. For instance, the […]

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Are Smartphones Making Us All Infomaniacs?

By: I admit it. I am and, for over 30 years, have been an “infomaniac.” Even when I was a teenager, I would listen to talk or news radio, and very seldom turn to a music station. For some bizarre reason, I wanted — or perhaps needed — to know what was going on […]

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Photos: Scary White Foam Is All Over Tianjin, China After a Toxic Explosion

By: The first rainfall since the devastating explosions rocked the Chinese city of Tianjin has produced a mysterious white foam, sparking widespread concern among the city’s residents. As the government insists Tianjin is safe after explosion, the streets start to foam — Joe Rayment (@Joerayment) August 19, 2015 Tianjin authorities say […]

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Plague: Beware of Media Hyperbole

By: Back in November of last year, the Ebola outbreak was in full force in Western Africa and the African country of Madagascar was reporting their annual outbreak of plague reported about every year. At the time the plague outbreak was being reported, some media outlets irresponsibly compared the two as one headline stated: […]

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The Most American Thing There Is: Eating Alone

By: In 1985, The New York Times published a snippet of comforting news for self-conscious solo eaters. “Dining alone,” the newspaper reassured readers, “is no longer viewed as odd.” At the time, eating spaghetti and meatballs by yourself wasn’t exactly the norm. A second article, which ran only seven months later in the Times, […]

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My First Session at a Private Tech. Addiction Clinic

By: I’m flat on my back staring at a strip-lit ceiling doing breathing exercises—the kind of calming, in-out motions expectant mothers learns in ante-natal class. My mind blank of thoughts, I’m experiencing something half-yoga class, half-AA meeting. This is my first session of technology addiction treatment at west London’s private Nightingale Hospital. If you […]

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10 Strategies to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

By: Autoimmune diseases, when taken all together, become a HUGE health burden. Among these are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, Celiac disease, and thyroid disease. In fact, over 80 diseases have been classified as autoimmune and the list is growing. Autoimmune disease now affects over 24 million Americans and five percent of the […]

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White House Response to Anti-Mandatory Vaccine Petition

By: With the White House finally responding to the petition to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden with a big fat ‘NO’, the government went one step further and responded to an anti mandatory vaccine petition with a similar response. Both ‘We the People’ petitions exceeded the necessary 100,000 signatures, despite efforts to freeze the […]

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Nightmares Are Good For You, So You Can Stop Freaking Out

By: [youtube] t sucks when your sleep is ruined by a bad dream so terrifying that it jolts you awake. But the next time that happens to you, take heart in knowing that nightmares are good for you. At least that’s what some people believe. New York Magazine’s human behavior-focused site Science of […]

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Tattooing May be Ancient, But Safety Questions Remain

By: Tattoo health and safety regulations tend to focus on short-term risks like infections, but little is actually known about the long-term risks of living with ink under your skin, according to a new review in The Lancet. “Almost everybody these days has a tattoo, and nobody is talking about the side effects of […]

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What Most Doctors Won’t Tell You About Cholesterol

By: During my university years, I used to frustrate my parents by throwing away egg yolks and eating only the whites. No worries, I thought, as my parents just didn’t know enough to realize that I was reducing my risk of heart disease by avoiding cholesterol. Looking back, I’m sure that my parents were […]

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Anti-Radiation Phone Case “Protects Your Manhood”

By: If you ever plan on doing more important things with your sperm than washing it down the sink twice a day amid a fog of regret, you might want to invest in a WaveWall case — a phone case that’s supposedly ribbed with a special lining that blocks electromagnetic radiation and can therefore […]

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Fish Farming But Were Afraid to Ask

By: Aquaculture is booming: As of 2012, we produce more farmed fish than beef worldwide, some 66 million tons. And while fish farming has a bad reputation, the mangrove-plowing, antibiotic-dosing, overcrowded and under-regulated shrimp- and salmon-farms of the 1980s are — like Members Only jackets and crimped hair — largely relics of those times, […]

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