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The Ghosts of Quarantines Past

By: Nicholas M. Gallagher via This Halloween, if you’re willing to wear a hard hat and brave a late October sea breeze, you can visit one of the great haunted sites in America for the first time in decades. Abandoned to the elements since the 1950s, the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital has been reopened to specially […]

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Stanford Libraries Unearths the Earliest U.S. Website

By: Gabrielle Karampelas by Some of the earliest pages from the World Wide Web have been restored and are once again browsable, providing a glimpse of how the web once operated.  Stanford Libraries has made these pages available with Stanford Wayback, a customized version of an open source platform that enables long-term access to […]

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Halloween: Strange Tales and Spooky Traditions

By: With Halloween just days away, it’s time once again for Americans to dig out their costumes and party – and Brits to turn off the lights, draw the curtains and pretend they’re not at home. But even the grumpiest of Halloween cynics would have to concede that the festival has a fascinating history. […]

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Bread and Circuses and What Made Them Possible

Gladiator Ash Drink from Ancient Literature Probably Did Exist By: The findings of an investigation carried out on bones of gladiators excavated at the ancient city of Ephesus confirm that they ate a predominately vegetarian diet and could well have drank ashes as a tonic after training. Historic sources report that gladiators had their […]

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The Ancients and Child Sacrifice

Canaanite Cult Site Offers Up Its Treasures After 3,300 Years By: Ilan Ben Zion via The first rain of the season lashed Tel Burna Sunday, drenching what archaeologists say could be a 3,300-year-old shrine to the storm god Ba’al, whose offerings poured down on the Judean foothills. Researchers excavating the ancient Canaanite town recently unearthed evidence of ritual practice they […]

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Lost Planes of the Last World War

U.S. WWII Bomber Hoisted from Baltic Seabed By: PAP/Dziennik Baltycki/IAR via The Douglas A-20 Havoc plane was first spotted a year ago during routine checks 4 km out to sea off Cape Rozewie. However, retrieving the wreck was a formidable task, as the area is particularly susceptible to strong winds, coupled with severe waves. […]

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Monsters of the 17th Century

Here Be Monsters: Incredible Illustrations from ‘De Monstris’ (1665) By: Fortunio Liceti (1577-1657) was an Italian philosopher, doctor and scientist. He studied medicine and philosophy at the University of Bologna before becoming a lecturer of logic at the University of Pisa and then a professor of philosophy at the University of Padua. Liceti was […]

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Drugs for the Fuhrer

Adolf Hitler Was Apparently a Regular Meth User By: Lauren Davis via Notorious dictators may not be the people we typically associate with methamphetamine, but a report claims that, during World War II, Adolf Hitler regularly took methamphetamines for a variety of ailments, including the drug Pervitin, a precursor to crystal meth. Last year, […]

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When the Normans Invaded England

The True Story of the Battle of Hastings, Today in 1066 By: Dominic Selwood via On the anniversary of the battle of Hastings, our history blogger gives an account of the battle, and puts it into a wider context of medieval Nordic wars. More News at FSD –

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Honoring the Men of the 1492 Voyage

The Lost Fort of Columbus | Location of Columbus’ Point of Departure Found in Spain By: Frances Maclean via | Note: Christopher Columbus was a hard man. An accomplished man. And a man that few share immortality with. For the anti-European subversive movement ravaging the United States – know this. Without the decedents […]

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The Moors at Tours: Stopping the Muslim Hordes

Today in History: The Battle of Tours By: Raymond Ibrahim via Precisely 100 years after the death of Islam’s prophet Muhammad in 632, his Arab followers, after having conquered thousands of miles of lands from Arabia to Spain, found themselves in Gaul, modern day France, facing a hitherto little known people, the Christian Franks. […]

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Engulfed by the Shadow of Dracula | The Man Behind the Myth: Meet the Real Count Dracula By: Carol Borden via | By: Darmon Richter via Note: As the new movie — Dracula Untold — premiers this month, there is a rekindled interest in the fictional character – and more importantly, the real […]

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While the U.S. Becomes Infested with 3rd World Foreigners, Here’s a Review of Large Disease Outbreaks

Trained epidemiologist and top tanked national radio host talks about illegal aliens and diseases – HERE 10 of the worst epidemics in U.S. history – HERE Byzantine source on plague written by the 6th century historian Procopius – HERE Note: NEVER BEFORE HAS THE UNITED STATES BEEN UNDER SUCH GREAT DISTRESS FROM MORE ANGLES OF […]

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