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Christians face being wiped out from the Middle East within TEN YEARS as they are killed by ISIS or forced to flee persecution

By Christians face being wiped out from the Middle East within ten years as increasing numbers are killed by Muslim extremists or forced to flee persecution, Catholic aid groups have warned. The alarming rate of decline means the religion could vanish in some areas in just five years unless the world steps in, says […]

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NATO chief sounds alarm over Russian buildup from Baltic to Mediterranean

By NATO’s secretary-general has sounded the alarm over the build-up of Russian military forces from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, and called on the U.S.-led alliance to come up with a response. Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the Russians have concentrated military forces in Kaliningrad, the Black Sea and the eastern Mediterranean, where […]

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The Christian Militia Taking on Islamic State in Iraq

By: Across the sun-scorched landscape of the Nineveh Plain in Iraq, north of Mosul, a small contingent of fighters in sand-coloured uniforms is on patrol, 7.5 miles (12km) from the frontline with the self-styled Islamic State. Nothing unusual in meeting men with guns in this part of the world, of course. But this unit […]

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The Bully’s Pulpit

By: In late February and early March 1991, during the first Gulf War, U.S. forces bombed, shelled, and otherwise set fire to thousands of young Iraqi men who were trying to flee Kuwait. There were a series of such incidents—the “Highway of Death,” “Highway 8,” the “Battle of Rumaila”—in which U.S. air power cut […]

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Turkish Military Builds 2.5-Meter-High Rocket-Proof Wall on Syrian Border

By: he Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is building a two-and-a-half-meter-high, one-meter-wide rocket-proof wall along the Syrian border to counter a growing threat by radical terrorist organization the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The military recently stepped up construction of the wall that began in May in Yayladağı, a district of Hatay […]

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Former CIA Husband-Wife Agent Handlers Turn Spy Novelists

By: The spy was going to be late. In Jason Matthews’s line of work, that was cause for worry. But on this rainy afternoon in Washington, D.C., the former CIA officer was merely dodging traffic, not a Russian trap. And he was rushing to meet a reporter, not a secret agent. But shedding the […]

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The Mosul Artifacts: A Priceless Loss

By: It is hard to overstate the historical and archaeological significance of the area extending from Mesopotamia to Egypt. This stretch contains the early stages of human civilization, especially from the Neolithic era (from 8,000 to 4,000 BC). It was during the late Paleolithic and early Neolithic periods that human beings acquired an advanced […]

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Pics from the Fall of Ramadi

By: Wait till the United States does a emergency resupply… then walk in and take the gear from the Iraqi military. Continue reading article and see all pictures – HERE

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Her Majesty’s Jihadists

By: He was a dreamer, with Che Guevara looks — a jet-black beard and eyes — who built a new persona online, as a Muslim warrior riding into battle in the back of an open-bed truck, dressed in black, his long hair blowing in the breeze, with an AK-47 hanging from his shoulder, strapped […]

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Turkey: 1,300 People Deported Amid ISIL Clampdown

By: Turkey has deported 1,300 people and issued exclusion bans against 12,800 to date as part of its efforts to prevent people joining ISIL, according to Turkish authorities. Turkey tightened security measures after claims many people from European countries were crossing into combat areas through Turkey, Turkish officials said on Wednesday. More than half […]

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Syria’s President Assad Warns Sweden Over Refugees: “Most Dangerous ISIS Leaders Are Scandinavian”

By: The dirty Saudi’s said “jump” and Obama, Eucrats, France and Britain jumped like delusional dorks to the occasion and began military aid to Isis terrorists (al-Nusra and “rebels”). Saudi Arabia is the main cause behind all the tenions and problems in the Middle East. Oil is the largest contributor to terrorism, along with […]

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“You Will Die Tomorrow”: Turkish Scribe’s Chilling Account of 40 Days in the Captivity of Islamic State

By: “Now stand up, pray and repent,” the man told Turkish photojournalist Bunyamin Aygun. “We are going to execute you tomorrow by the sword.” “I had all my life before me,” he said. “I started dreaming how I would be executed every time I closed my eyes.” Aygun, an award-winning reporter for Turkey’s Milliyet […]

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Is Religion of Germanwings Mass Murderer Truly ‘Irrelevant’? (PI-News, Express Tribune, Juan Cole, Times of Malta)

Over the past few days a debate has broken out over whether Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings pilot who crashed his own plane into the ground killing all aboard, a) should be called a terrorist, and b) was a Muslim convert who committed mass murder out of religious conviction. So is the mainstream media avoiding the […]

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