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Episode 610 – Steven Ben DeNoon & Pastor Paul Begley

Tuesday September 20th 2016 In this edition we welcome Stephen Ben DeNoon to discuss Israel, conflict in the Middle East, ISIS, Chemical Weapons, and more! Then, Pastor Paul Begley joins us to discuss Middle East madness, the love of Christ, Containment camps in the USA, and much more. Guest Media Steven Ben DeNoon Pastor Paul […]

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Steven Ben DeNoon

Steven Ben-Nun – 51-year-old author and Journalist. My journalistic work focuses on Middle East and Israeli Wars and Conflicts as well as NATO/European – Russian tensions with a special focus on the Ukraine conflict. I have authored two books under the name of Steven DeNoon in regards to Israel’s past present and future battles. “I […]

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John McTernan

Israel: The Blessing or the Curse Israel is not to give up her covenant land, which was a gift from God to Abraham and his descendants through the Abrahamic covenant. However, the leaders of modern-day Israel and the world hoped that the “land for peace” plan would work. It has greatly failed, and Israel–the “apple […]

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Kenneth Schortgen Jr

The Israel Deception: Is the Return of Israel in the End Times a Move by Satan or an Act of God? This book looks at how several key scriptures used by Christians and Jews to justify the return of Israel in the 20th century are incorrect, and pose the question that the return of the […]

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Israel closes border for all Palestinians after Tel Aviv shooting

By The Israeli Army has barred all Palestinians from entering Israel, except for “medical and humanitarian cases.” It comes after strict measures were already taken following a fatal Tel Aviv attack. An army spokeswoman told AFP that the border closure will last until midnight Sunday. The UN has stated that the Israel’s step may […]

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Israel’s land seizure undermines Palestinian state prospects

By The European Union has joined the chorus of international condemnation of Israel’s latest massive land appropriation in the West Bank, claiming that such a move hinders the process towards a to a two-state solution and prospects of peace with Palestinians. “Israel’s decision to declare 234 hectares near Jericho in Area C of the […]

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Israel orders aircraft carrier as part of US military aid package

By Israel has provided the United States with a list of weapons that it would like to have available as part of the US aid package, Israel’sYedioth Ahronoth revealed yesterday. According to the newspaper the list included a modern aircraft carrier and a squadron of F-15 aircrafts as well as material assistance to support […]

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In Rare Move, Netanyahu to Bring Army Chiefs to Meet Putin in Moscow

By: IDF Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Military Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Herzl Halevi will accompany Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a lightning trip to Moscow on Monday, in a clear signal that regional arms transfers and Russia’s troop deployments in Syria will be the main focus of the discussions. Top IDF generals very rarely […]

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A Valley of Tears Where Israel Stopped Syria in 1973

By: On October 6, 1973 massive Syrian and Egyptian forces launched a surprise attack on the State of Israel. It was the holiest day of the Jewish year, the Day of Atonement, and Jews all over the country had been fasting and praying since dawn. No one in Israel on that fateful day will […]

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Archaeologists Discover the Ancient Tombs of the Maccabees, and on the Tombs They Find Ancient Christian Crosses

By: Israeli archaeologists may be one step closer to solving a riddle that has vexed explorers for more than a century: the location of the tomb of the biblical Maccabees which they recognized by finding the signature of the Cross. A worker for the Israel Antiquities Authority shows The Holy Cross designed on a […]

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Furious Jerusalemites Protest Lethal Rock Attack

By: Over 100 residents of the southeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv protested on Tuesday night, at the site bordering Arnona neighborhood where an Israeli driver was murdered in a rock attack on Sunday during the Rosh Hashanah holiday. Alexander Levlovitz (64) lost control of his car after Arab terrorists hurled a rock into […]

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Al Aqsa Compound Clashes Continue for Third Day

By: [youtube] Clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protestors continued on Tuesday at Jerusalem’s holy site of Al Aqsa compound for the third consecutive day. A police spokeswoman said Israeli forces raided the compound to disperse a group of protestors who barricaded themselves inside the mosque overnight, reported Xinhua news agency. She said […]

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Putin’s Offer to Shield & Develop Israel’s Gas Fields Predated Russia’s Military Buildup in Syria

By: More than a fortnight ago, Russian President Vladimir put a proposition to Israel for Moscow to undertake responsibility for guarding Israel’s Mediterranean gas fields, along with the offer of a Russian investment of $7-10 billion for developing Leviathan, the largest well, and building a pipeline to Turkey for exporting the gas to Europe, […]

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Does Jewish Law Allow Killing a Captured IDF Soldier?

By: Since it became public in 2003, the so-called “Hannibal Directive” has engendered much controversy, even as it continues to be employed, including in the 2014 Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, following the capture of Lt. Hadar Goldin. According to this directive, soldiers are ordered to do everything to prevent the successful capturing of […]

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Israel Disguised Missile Launcher as a Tank, Website Reveals

By: Recently declassified Israeli military documents confirm the existence of a unique Israeli weapon: a mobile anti-tank guided missile launcher disguised as an ordinary tank. “It’s been cleared for publication that Israel has been operating a special weapons system kept secret for about 30 years: the Pereh tank,” the Israel Defense website reported last […]

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After Obama’s Nuke Deal, What Happens If Israel Attacks Iran?

By: In urging congressional Republicans and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reconsider their strong opposition to a new international agreement to block Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon in return for lifting economic sanctions, President Obama on Wednesday argued opponents of the deal have offered no alternative to diplomacy except going to war […]

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Israeli Singer Jailed for Hacking Madonna Emails

By: An Israeli Singer and former contestant on a reality talent show has been jailed for hacking Madonna’s online accounts and stealing songs from her unreleased music tracks. Adi Lederman, 39, who participated in Israel’s version of American Idol called A Star Is Born, is set to spend his 14 months in prison and […]

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The Entebbe Raid: Now in Animation, Too

By: [youtube] On the eve of the 39th anniversary of the historic Operation Thunderbolt, the rescue of Jewish and Israeli citizens kidnapped by terrorists and held captive at Entebbe Airport in 1976, commandos involved in the daring raid provided commentary for an animated video detailing this heroic story for students around the world. […]

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