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How Israeli Cyber-Security Startups Are Battling The World’s Riskiest Online Hacks

By: Remember the Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leaks? While our first reaction was to remove any photos we wouldn’t want our moms to see from the “cloud”, a recent spate of cyber-security breaches, including against SONY and even the White House, also made it increasingly clear that cyber-criminals are getting smarter, faster, and more […]

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Early Evidence of Christianity Found in Israel

By: West of Jerusalem, near the entrance to Abu Gosh, archaeologists have uncovered a large Byzantine-era road station that included a church. According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, archaeologists dug during work on the highway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for upgrading and widening. The church and road station were discovered next to a […]

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Israel, Fearing Attack, Tests Effects of “Dirty Bomb”

By: Israel has carried out a series of tests in its southern desert to measure the effects on its population and environment of a so-called “dirty” bomb attack combining conventional explosives and radioactive material. The daily Haaretz, reporting Monday on the four-year experiment, said the research concluded that high-level radiation was measured at the […]

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Israel Air Chief: Nothing Can Stop Our Air Force

By: Israel’s top Air Force officer said Wednesday that Russian S-300 air defense systems, if or when deployed by Iran, would constitute more of “a strategic issue than an operative issue” because it would embolden Tehran to “even more aggressive” behavior. “It’s a huge challenge,” Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, Israel Air Force commander conceded, […]

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State to “Anti-Vaxxers”: No Vaccination, No Child Support

By: When United Torah Judaism inked its coalition agreement with Likud on April 29, party members triumphantly hailed the reversal of a slew of legislative measures implemented by arch-nemesis Yair Lapid, including an increase in monthly child allowances — but it came with one caveat. Under the terms of the coalition deal, which appointed […]

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Israeli F-16I Pilots Use Greece’s S-300 SAMs to Prepare for Potential Iran Air Strikes

By: [youtube] The Israeli Air Force has used INIOXOS-2015, one the largest annual exercise of the Hellenic Air Force, to prepare for a potential situation where it will have to attack Iranian nuclear facilities by performing missions against the S-300PMU-1 surface-to-air missile system, stationed in Crete, according to Flightglobal. Russia has recently lifted […]

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Like Israel, U.S. Should Ban Fluoride Amid Health Concerns

By: Nearly half a century after Minnesota passed legislation requiring the addition of fluoride to municipal water supplies, fluoride is under fire due to health concerns.[1] Evidence that the additive is not only a contributor to the epidemic of thyroid dysfunction, but also a likely neurotoxin linked to a range of conditions associated with […]

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Eyes Wide Open

By: The technology is known as photogrammetry – a charting and surveying technique using super high-resolution still aerial photographs. The actual photography is carried out by a camera housed in a dedicated payload fitted to a Mini-UAV manufactured by the Blue Bird Company. The objective: a cultivated agricultural field in a Latin-American country. This […]

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‘King of the Gypsies’ Arrives in Israel

By: Dorin Cioba the leader of three million Roma around the world, landed in Israel on Wednesday. Roma are widely known as Gypsies. On his first visit to Israel, Cioba, who is president of the International Romani Union, plans to visit the Roma community in Jerusalem as well as the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. […]

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With Strong Tech. Ties, Is Israel China’s New Best Friend?

By: China and Israel established diplomatic relations a mere 20 years ago, but the countries are steadily drawing closer over a common vision – expanding the innovation economy. Israel and China already have in excess of $10 billion in trade since the start of 2015, with China recently asking Israel to join the Asia […]

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As Protest Winds Down, Ethiopian Demonstrators Warn It’s “Just the Beginning”

By: A violent demonstration against police brutality directed at members of Israel’s Ethiopian community winded down overnight Thursday-Friday, after the nine-hour protest in Jerusalem left over a dozen people injured. Shortly after 1 a.m., most of the several hundred protesters went home, and the roads at the entrance of the capital were reopened. Upon […]

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Watch: Police Release Footage of Deadly Jerusalem Car-Ramming Terror Attack

By: [youtube] Police released video footage Wednesday of the deadly vehicular terror attack that killed 25-year-old Shalom Yohai Cherki and seriously wounded another woman on April 15 as Israel marked Holocaust Remembrance Day. An Arab man from northeast Jerusalem was arrested following extensive questioning by Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) investigators, for allegedly […]

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An Advance Guard of Robots

By: A breakthrough in unmanned vehicles? The IDF intends to conduct the first-ever training exercise incorporating the new “advance guard” concept. According to the new concept, unmanned ground vehicles will be integrated in the operations of the IDF ground elements, mainly in the context of route clearing missions where explosive charges and other obstacles […]

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Israel: Submarines Armed with Nuclear Weapons?

By: The fact that Israel has nuclear weapons became public quite recently, although Tel Aviv has been concealing this fact carefully for several decades with the support of the United States and several Western European countries. Some Western experts estimate that the Jewish state may dispose of over 400 nuclear warheads which were created […]

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Israel Air Force: S-300 a Surmountable Challenge

By: Mitch Ginsburg of The Israeli army on Wednesday offered its first reaction to the Russian sale of an advanced air defense system to Iran, characterizing the S-300 missile system as an obstacle, but one that can be overcome. “The S-300 is a challenge,” Brig. Gen. Lihu HaCohen, the commander of the Nevatim Air […]

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