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Episode 723 – Gary Hunt & KrisAnne Hall

Thursday April 13th 2017 In this edition we welcome Gary Hunt and KrisAnne Hall aboard. Hunt updates us on his latest encounter with the law, while giving his opinion on what is going on with the West Coast. Then, KrisAnne Hall and John have a heated debate over several topics such as the Constitution, immigration, […]

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Knight Stewart Rhodes

Website Oath Keepers Episodes Listen to Episode 795 Buy Episode 795 Listen to Episode 676 Buy Episode 676 Listen to Episode 669 Buy Episode 669 Listen to Episode 464 Buy Episode 464 Listen to Episode 445 Buy Episode 445 Listen to Episode 368 Buy Episode 368 Listen to Episode 334 Buy Episode 334 Listen to […]

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L.B. Bork

LB has always understood that the system for education is a thinly disguised system of mind control that thwarts our creativity and innovation, replacing it with rigid limitations. He saw how this had impacted America’s system of law, separating ordinary people from the medium for achieving justice and converting it instead to a source of […]

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Legal Implications of an Encounter with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

By: For decades, scientists and filmmakers alike have dedicated tremendous efforts to speculate about two main issues concerning extraterrestrial intelligent life forms. One, do they exist? Two, what would happen if they come to visit us on Earth? This article scrutinizes the legal issues that may arise after a close contact of human civilization […]

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Snake Group Sways Judge on Toppling Federal Regulation

By: Finding that the ban against the interstate transportation of large constricting snakes is based in part on the history of a tiny mollusk, a federal judge promised the reptile industry an injunction Tuesday. The legal battle stems from the decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to add four species of constricting […]

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Nuclear Reactors in Japan Remain Closed by Judge’s Order

By: Jonathan Soble of Fukui Prefecture, with 13 commercial nuclear reactors clustered along a short, rugged coastline, has earned the area a reputation as a political stronghold for the atomic power industry. Nuclear-friendly politicians dominate most of Fukui’s government offices, and the region is nicknamed Genpatsu Ginza, or Nuclear Alley. Fukui has now emerged […]

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Idaho Limits Forced Blood Draws from Motorists

By: If a motorist withdraws his consent to a blood test, a police officer may not take it by force under a ruling last week by the Idaho Court of Appeals. A divided three-judge panel decided that the blood evidence used against Brant Lee Eversole should have been suppressed. Eversole was drunk when a […]

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Lawsuit: AIDS Foundation Scammed Feds for Millions

By: The nation’s largest supplier of HIV and AIDS medical care is accused of bilking Medicare and Medicaid in an elaborate $20 million scam that spanned 12 states, according to a lawsuit filed in South Florida federal court. Three former managers of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation filed a suit last week alleging the company […]

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