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Hoverbike-riding police to patrol the streets of Dubai from 16 feet above the ground

Source: Mirror By: Jeff Parsons The hoverbikes are being manufactured by the Russians and can double up as unmanned drones Tech-savvy Dubai police have unveiled a hoverbike capable of flying five metres (16 feet) above the ground. The high-tech crime-fighting vehicle was shown off to onlookers at a recent tech convention, alongside a prototype robotic […]

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Vladimir Putin says US is preparing to bomb Syrian capital and will blame devastation on Bashar-al Assad’s forces

By Anthony Bond and Stephen Jones The Russian leader made the astonishing claim during a press conference with the Italian President Sergio Mattarella Vladimir Putin has sensationally claimed that the US is preparing airstrikes on the Syrian capital – and will pin the blame on Bashar-al Assad’s forces. The Russian leader made the astonishing claim […]

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ISIS claim responsibility for London terror attack after British-born terrorist kills three and injures 29

Source: Mirror By Anthony Bond Four people – including PC Keith Palmer – died after a terrorist mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before attempting to enter the Houses of Parliament. ISIS have claimed responsibility for the terror attack in London in which four people died and 29 were injured. The Amaq News Agency, seen […]

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Jihadi mum kisses tiny daughters, aged seven and nine, goodbye – then sends them off on suicide bomb mission

Source: Mirror By Antonia Paget The seven-year-old girl is understood to have died in a remotely detonated bomb blast inside a Syrian police station shortly after the footage was filmed. The harrowing moment a mother kisses her two young daughters goodbye before sending them off on a suicide mission has been captured on camera. One […]

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Grotesque ISIS video tutorial shows ‘lone wolves’ how to murder ‘disbelievers’ in the US, Britain and France

By Mirror By Patrick Lion The video contains instructions on how to kill while outlining footage of earlier terrorist attacks in countries including Germany, France, Finland and Russia A new Islamic State video has issued a graphic propaganda tutorial to Muslims to murder “disbelievers” in Britain, the U.S. and France. The video – “Taking revenge […]

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