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“CALIPHORNIA” Muslim Leaders Cry “Islamophobia” After Police Cancel Muslim Day Event in Darby Park

By: Cal Muslim community leaders questioned whether so-called ‘Islamophobia’ was at play when Inglewood police canceled a Muslim gathering at Darby Park. At a news conference, community activist Najee Ali said the group received a permit from the city to host a picnic and ‘talent’ show, but it was suddenly revoked after the group […]

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Charlie Who? Dutch Muslim Actor Threatened for Playing Jesus

By: How well so many of us remember. It wasn’t very long ago – barely eight months – since Muslim extremists stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing 12 of the satirical magazine’s editors and artists. And how well we remember, too, the hours and days that followed as the world declared […]

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By: Thanks to spineless (if not castrated) bureaucrats–Illinois has become sharia-compliant. That’s right: The Land of Lincoln, named after our nation’s sixteenth president (who authored the Emancipation Proclamation) has openly embraced the tyrannical and oppressive diktats of sharia law. According to NEWSMAX–Illinois state officials (at the behest of CAIR) informed all DMV workers that […]

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Muslim Marine Responds to Logan’s Warning!

By: For those who might have missed it, Muslim propagandists have added a new page to their Islamocon playbook. The use of the online handle “Muslim Marine”, and so far I have encountered three Muslims who are using it. All three are exploiting Marine status in an effort to garner trust as they attempt […]

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“Hundreds” of Migrants Target Tunnel

By: Nightly incursions are having knock-on effects for services the next day Incursions by “hundreds” of migrants into the Eurotunnel terminal in France have become a nightly occurrence, the cross-Channel rail operator has said. Passenger and freight services were again hit by delays on Friday as the firm tried to run services on one […]

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Charlie Hebdo, Mobile Coffins and the Nigerians of Srebrenica

By: Every July the World gets attacked by one anniversary. After Charlie Hebdo, this is another gathering of the same people – US, NATO estavlishment and their (military ) counterparts from Arab and Islamic world (Jordan, Turkey and Gulf states). For over twenty years, despite rising controversy concerning responsibility, number and origin of those […]

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Impact of U.S. Autistic Foreign Policies in the Balkans: Part II Bosnia

By: Bosnia in the News Again: Srebrenica Twentieth Anniversary July 11, 2015 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre (a war crime) converted into genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague. This court with scandalous protocol is designed to achieve a political objective to convict, e.g. no […]

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U.A.E. Jails Aussie Woman for “Bad Words” on Facebook

By: An Australian woman was arrested on Monday in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital of Abu Dhabi for the unusual crime of “writing bad words” on Facebook. Jodi Magi, 39, told the Australian ABC that back in February she posted a photo of a car with no disability stickers that was parked blocking […]

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By: The number of migrants seeking protection in the European Union soared by 68 percent in the first five months of 2015 compared with the year-earlier period, the EU said on Wednesday at a time of haggling between member states over how to share the burden. EU ministers responsible for migrant issues will meet […]

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The Threat of Islamic Law in Malaysia

By: he political debate in Malaysia appears to be trapped in menace as the specter of Kelantan’s barbaric hudud law, which advocates 7th-century punishments including amputation for theft and stoning to death for adultery, among others, continues to loom over the country. A paper by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department, known as Jakim, that […]

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Ten-Year Anniversary of the London 7/7 Bombings

By: Ceremonies are taking place across London on the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist attacks. Four explosions killed 52 people and injured over 700 others across four locations on London’s transport system. A memorial service is taking place at 11:00 am local time in St. Paul’s Cathedral, while a minute of silence will […]

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Think You Know About Slavery? You Don’t.

By: Certain things tend to set off triggers in you. For me it was Don Lemon– when he joined the flag-damning freaking idiot liberal lemmings in their bloodlust considering the removal of the Jefferson memorial: CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday hinted that there will come a day when the United States will have to […]

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Exclusive: In Turf War with Afghan Taliban, Islamic State Loyalists Gain Ground

By: Fighters loyal to Islamic State have seized substantial territory in Afghanistan for the first time, witnesses and officials said, wresting areas in the east from rival Taliban insurgents in a new threat to stability. Witnesses who fled fighting in Nangarhar province told Reuters that hundreds of insurgents pledging allegiance to Islamic State pushed […]

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Watch as a Midland Couple Tell How They Fled for Their Lives in Tunisia Terror Attack

By: [youtube] A young couple have told how they fled for their lives in a tuk-tuk as gunman Seifeddine Rezgui murdered holidaymakers on the beach nearby. Matt Preece and fiance Daisy Earl, both aged 23, heard explosions as the shootings began and believe the gunman had walked past them shortly beforehand. The Kidderminster […]

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