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Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use ‘Anti-Muslim’ Speech

By The day after a horrific shooting spree by what appears to be a radicalized Muslim man and his partner in San Bernardino, California, Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged to a Muslim advocacy and lobbying group that she would take aggressive action against anyone who used “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.” Speaking to the audience at the […]

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Censorship in America

By: Support for the idea that it’s good to hear all opinions, even offensive ones, is thin. A plurality of Americans now support laws against “hate speech.” Conservatives once wanted to ban Playboy magazine, violent rap lyrics and offensive depictions of Jesus. Leftists then were right to fight such bans, but today leftists encourage […]

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How Do You Prepare a Child for Life in the American Police State?

By: “Fear isn’t so difficult to understand. After all, weren’t we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It’s just a different wolf.” ― Alfred Hitchcock In an age […]

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A Student Loan System Stacked Against the Borrower

By: “It feels like I’m being set up to fail.” That’s how Patrick Wittwer, 31, described his experience trying to repay his roughly $50,000 in student loans. Between misdirected payments by one of the companies servicing his loan and the abusive collection tactics he encountered when he fell behind, Mr. Wittwer said the repayment […]

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Australia’s Islamic leader REFUSES to Call the Parramatta Shooting a Terrorist Attack

By: An Islamic religious leader has called for the extremists behind the Parramatta shooting to ‘stop messing with Australia’ in remarks where he stopped short of describing the incident as an act of terror. Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed joined community leaders on Friday morning in coming together to ‘refuse and […]

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WikiLeaks Cables Shed Light on U.S. Foreign Policy Failures

By: Some the most important historical information for understanding current events comes, not surprisingly, from sources that were intended to be shielded from the public. From November 2010 to September 2011, more than 250,000 communications between U.S. diplomats that were never meant to see the light of day were made public. They are available […]

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Eugenics, Ready or Not

By: A legal, social and biological revolution is taking place worldwide without much serious thinking of the consequences. Consider this: in Britain the House of Commons recently approved the use of “three-parent IVF” to remove defective mitochondrial DNA from babies.[1] Each year in Britain about 100 children are born with mutated mitochondrial DNA, resulting […]

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Meet Carly Fiorina – Failed CEO, Staunch Defender of Torture, Adviser to the C.I.A. & War Hawk

By: During this month’s CNN debate, Fiorina distinguished herself from rival Donald Trump after he said he would meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin to resolve the Syria crisis. “Having met Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t talk to him at all,” Fiorina shot back, adding she would instead “begin rebuilding the Sixth Fleet” and “conduct […]

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Jeremy Corbyn: 9/11 Was “Manipulated”

By: Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that 9/11 was “manipulated” to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible to allow the West to go to war in Afghanistan. In comments that will raise questions about his suitability to lead the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn appeared to blame George Bush and Tony Blair for […]

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A Pope Who Explained the Blessings of Private Property

By: In 1818, when only 8 years old, Gioacchino Pecci began his studies with the Jesuits at a school in Italy. Seventy-three years later, as Pope Leo XIII, he published Rerum Novarum, an encyclical letter simultaneously defending the rights of working people and private property. As this pope saw it, they were inseparable. “It […]

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Blame America? No, Blame Neocons!

By: Is the current refugee crisis gripping the European Union “all America’s fault”? That is how my critique of US foreign policy was characterized in a recent interview on the Fox Business Channel. I do not blame the host for making this claim, but I think it is important to clarify the point. It […]

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How to Make Millions by Selling War

By: Last September, a man named Bruce Jackson hosted a party for his vineyard’s 2014 wines at his 18th-century Chateau Les Conseillans, which sits in the rolling hills of Bordeaux. The afternoon before the party, he took some guests, among them a documentary filmmaker and a former colleague of mine, for a tour of […]

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Missile Defense Not Enough: Pentagon Open to Preemptive Strikes

By: Ahead of the release of a Joint Staff study of US missile defenses, the Pentagon is looking at new ways to stop missile attacks, including preemptive strikes, the head of the Army Space and Missile Defense Command said. Current missile defenses rely on shooting down the incoming weapon – and usually when it […]

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What’s the CIA Up To? Refugees Stormed the Border of Ukraine

By: Migrants from the MENA in search of alternative routes to Germany reached Ukrainian Transcarpathia. This direction was chosen by the refugees after the tightening of the border regime in Austria and Slovakia. Last week the Ukrainian detachments of the state border service in the Transcarpathian region together with the border guards of EU […]

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Ukraine President Under Pressure to Install Saakashvili as New PM

By: In his interview today with The Independent, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tried to talk up the possibility of peace with Russia, a dramatic shift for a politician whose whole term in office has been built around talking up the idea of a full-scale war with Russia. The bigger news, however, is that Poroshenko […]

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