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Episode 620 – David Stockman & Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Thursday October 6th 2016 In this edition we welcome David Stockman to discuss the economic crisis, past and present, stocks, bonds, the national debt, and politics! Then, Paul Craig Roberts joins us to talk about the Cold War, the current state of relations with Russia, and nuclear weapons. Guest Media David Stockman Dr Paul Craig […]

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Obama plans major nuclear policy changes in his final months

By The Obama administration is determined to use its final six months in office to take a series of executive actions to advance the nuclear agenda the president has advocated since his college days. It’s part of Obama’s late push to polish a foreign policy legacy that is plagued by challenges on several other […]

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Drone reports at SC nuclear weapons site

By Reports of drones over the Savannah River Site nuclear weapons complex are drawing scrutiny from the federal government. Agents with the FBI interviewed a prominent nuclear watchdog this week about drones at the site. Meanwhile, the SRS “protective force” has confirmed several sightings of drones in June over the complex near Aiken, the […]

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United Nations Hold Emergency Security Meeting: Is North Korean Satellite Orbiting Over USA Equipped With EMP Weapons System?

By Now that the North Korean missile launch is “over,” most would assume there is no cause for concern.  That assumption is incorrect, because Kim Jung-Un has already declared there will be more missiles launched.  Rice, the U.S. National Security Advisor has already stated that the Koreans did indeed launch using an ICBM.  The […]

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US military put on highest alert ever after N. Korean nuke test

By US troops stationed in South Korea have been put on the highest alert ever to deter “any provocation coming from North Korea,” following Pyongyang’s latest underground nuclear test, an official from United States Forces Korea said, as cited by Reuters. The order was announced by Curtis Scaparrotti, the head of US military deployment […]

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Successful North Korean H-bomb test raises threat to US and Asia, expert says

By If North Korea is confirmed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, as the country’s Stalinist dictatorship claimed Wednesday, it would signify that Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program is far more advanced than most analysts have imagined, a veteran North Korea watcher told Fox News late Wednesday. “If in fact it was a hydrogen […]

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‘Hopefully, no nukes will be needed’ against ISIS – Putin

By Vladimir Putin has praised the Russian cruise missiles fired against terrorists in Syria from the sea. He expressed hope that these weapons would not have to be armed with nuclear warheads. Meeting in the Kremlin with Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who reported the latest results of the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) ops […]

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Obama could drag the US into a ‘devastating nuclear war’ in increasingly complex Syria crisis

By A Hawaii Representative has warned the US government that President Barack Obama’s decision to put American fighter jets that can ‘target Russian planes’ on the border between Turkey and Syria could start a ‘devastating nuclear war’. Democratic Rep Tulsi Gabbard’s comments came after Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told Congress on Tuesday that the […]

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1 Year Later, U.K.’s Nuclear Deterrent Base Remains in Scotland and Awaits Modernization

By: Last Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the Scottish independence referendum in 2014. The United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent, four nuclear-armed Trident submarines based at Faslane, Scotland, was a hot topic a year ago. The Scottish National Party vowed to scrap the subs if Scotland broke away. But after 55.3% of voters decided to […]

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Watch Previously Unreleased Footage of 1955 Atomic Bomb Testing in Glorious HD

By: [youtube] Atom Central recently published these four unreleased videos of atomic bomb testing in 1955. The footage, taken from Operation Teapot at the test site in Nevada, is in glorious HD so it’s pretty incredible but watch out for the blinding light. Even in a small little YouTube window, it hurts.

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The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

By: On october 16, 1962, John F. Kennedy and his advisers were stunned to learn that the Soviet Union was, without provocation, installing nuclear-armed medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in Cuba. With these offensive weapons, which represented a new and existential threat to America, Moscow significantly raised the ante in the nuclear rivalry between […]

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U.S. Air Force Eyes Blast Detection Satellite

By: The U.S. Air Force hopes to build an experimental satellite that would detect nuclear explosions and monitor the space environment from geosynchronous orbit, the service said in an Aug. 24 announcement. The Space Test Program Satellite (STPSat) -6 would be the latest in a series of spacecraft developed under a Defense Department program […]

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MIT: “A” Bomb Made in Taiwan

By: I first met David Ho (賀立維), one of the key scientists in Taiwan’s nuclear weapons project, through friends in my vegetable garden. At a neighborhood tea party, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Ho and learn about the book he was writing on Taiwan’s atomic bomb project, which was aborted by the U.S. […]

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