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Californians Rush To Buy Guns Before Ban Takes Effect

Source: Off the Grid News By Daniel Jennings ACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sales of semiautomatic rifles have doubled and sales of handguns have spiked 40 percent in the Golden State ahead of a strict gun control law that will take effect Jan. 1. Californians will not be able to buy certain weapons, including popular styles of […]

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Another Country Just Banned Most Cash; 77 Percent Of Bills Instantly Worthless

Source : Off the Grid News By Daniel Jennings Deadly rioting and looting erupted across a South American country over the weekend after its president declared the nation’s largest banknote worthless. The violence began in Venezuela when people realized that Central Bank Venezuela (BCV) had no replacements for the worthless money. “The BCV is not […]

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Despite Trump’s Win, Gun Control Quietly Expanded This Month

By Off the Grid News By Daniel Jennings WASHINGTON — Gun control expanded dramatically in three states this month while the nation’s attention was diverted by the presidential election. California now requires background checks for ammunition purchases and bans magazines larger than 10 rounds. In Washington state, judges can now strip citizens of their Second […]

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Trump Elector Receiving Death Threats — ‘You’re A Hateful Bigot, I Hope You Die’

By Off the Grid News By Daniel Jennings WASHINGTON — The presidential transition is getting uglier – and dangerous. A Republican member of the electoral college from Michigan says he is receiving death threats from Clinton supporters for his pledged support to President-elect Donald Trump. “You have people saying ‘You’re a hateful bigot, I hope […]

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Obama Signs Order Warning About Downed Power Grid, ‘Cascading Failures,’ No Water Supply

By Off the Grid News By Daniel Jennings WASHINGTON — President Obama signed an executive order related to space weather Thursday, and in the process acknowledged that solar storms could take out the power grid, water supplies and other critical infrastructure – not only in the United States but throughout the world. “Extreme space weather […]

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Gas Shortage Continues: $10 Limit; 20 Cars Deep; Customers Hoarding; ‘We Are Almost Out’; Police Rationing, Too

By Off The Grid News RALEIGH, N.C. – The gas shortage that slammed the South over the weekend continued into Monday and Tuesday, with drivers across the region frantically trying to find pumps that were selling gasoline. “I went to like six stations in Durham. I could not find any gas,” Stephanie Murriell told North […]

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Poll: ‘House-To-House’ Gun ‘Confiscation’ Proposal Leads By Wide Margin In California

By  Off The Grid News LOS ANGELES – A California ballot initiative that opponents claim would lead to house-to-house gun confiscation leads in a statewide survey among registered voters. Proposition 63, as it is called, is winning 64-28 percent, according to the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll of 1,879 registered voters conducted by SurveyMonkey. The […]

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