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Episode 792 – William Lawrence

Tuesday August 15th 2017 In this edition we welcome William Lawrence, who claims to have discovered in 2015 that sunlight can be used to communicate with ghosts and extra-terrastrials. He tells John about his evidence, quantum technologies, scientists using the same techniques and more. Guest Media William Lawrence Tracks Night Spots – The Cars Related […]

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John DeSouza

JOHN DESOUZA (X-Man) was an FBI Special Agent for over 20 years and collected the real life “X-Files.” John DeSouza unravels mysteries that elude investigators restricted to the purely material world. The truth of the paranormal revealed itself to the author through his own supernatural experiences and those of innumerable others across many professional fields. […]

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Top 10 Scariest Doll Horror Films

By: Horror has never been shy about putting the fear of evil into small playful objects. In our latest list we’ve compiled what we feel is the best of these creepy and often “stay with you long after” type films that used evil and dolls in a most horrific way. The list was complete […]

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Late Shift: Nurses Share Their Spooky Encounters

By: ‘Tis the season. Ghost story season that is. What better way to kick off the month of October than with terrifying tales from Nurses all over. That’s what have done. They’ve collected dozens of spine-tingling tales from real nurses from across the United States. What follows are 22 real-life encounters with the […]

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Return of the Kentucky Goblins: New Leads in a Case of Strange Creatures, Crashed UFOs, and the Men in Black

By: In June 2012, I was contacted by a frightened man who claimed that a group of small, three-toed creatures were emerging from a mine shaft and terrorizing his rural Kentucky home. After sending us photographic evidence of the creatures and asking us to investigate the case, he eventually fled his property. The appearance […]

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Were There Historical Dogmen?

By: Have there ever been actual dog-headed humans, dog-like humanoids or bi-pedal dogs in recorded history? Let’s look at a few references: The Kynocephaloi (or Cynocephali) were an Indian and African tribe of dog-headed men. The name Kynokephalos means dog-headed, from “kuôn,” a dog, and “kephalos,” head. “On these [the Indian] mountains there live […]

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The “Tresco” Sea Serpent of 1903

By: On pages 368 – 369 of In the Wake of the Sea-Serpents, Bernard Heuvelmans describes the sea serpent allegedly seen by the crew of the Tresco near Cape Hatteras in 1903. His opinion was that the story “reaches the peak of fantasy”, and I have to admit that, from the summary provided, it […]

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5 Tutorials for Next Level Pumpkin Carving

By: [youtube] It’s that time of year again where ghouls, goblins, and ghosts head out with their parents to celebrate Halloween with bags of candy goodness. As they travel from home to home there is one decoration that is most assuredly present on the porch, window, or outside in the hallway: the Jack-o’-lantern. […]

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Psychic Mediums Tested Under Tightest Laboratory Conditions. Proven Accurate. What Will Debunkers Say Now?

By: Dr. Julie Beischel’s newly published research on assisted after-death communication sets a new standard of proof, but don’t expect science to change its stance on psychic mediums. Before becoming the preeminent researcher of medium communication, or as she likes to call it, “assisted after-death communication”, Dr. Julie Beischel was a newly-minted PhD in […]

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Teacher Encounters Two “Baby Mothmen” in Singapore

By: A 46-year-old teacher said Tuesday he came across two small winged humanoids in Singapore, just a month later after claiming to have seen a similar creature in the same area. Fergus Thomas, who teaches geography at a school in the southernmost tip of continental Asia and had originally used a nickname to report […]

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Witches of Seattle Tell Us About the Appeal of Magic

By: Surrounded by sage smoke and honking geese at the base of Mount Si, we spread our arms out like crosses as Aubrey Rachel Violet Bramble, a witch dressed in an elegant white dress, blesses us. “Let the sage do the work,” she says. Her good friend Kat Terran, a shaman, opens up the […]

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Singapore Resident Claims Third “Mothman” Sighting This Week

By: A woman claims she saw a creature that looked like a “tall man with wings” at an abandoned house in Singapore. 54-year-old avid birdwatcher Alice Yimdale said she was looking for birds near Dempsey Hill when she spotted the being inside the abandoned building last Sunday. “It was 2:30 p.m. when my husband […]

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Speed Demons: Tales of Possessed Cars

By: We sort of take cars for granted. They are the workhorses of the transportation world and pretty much everyone reading this has likely ridden in one at least once. They are ubiquitous, useful, and have changed the face of our world. However, have you ever thought if it would be possible for one […]

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Haunted by a Fire Spook

By: A case of spontaneous fires in a home in the town of Woodstock, New Brunswick is the subject of the following article published in the Bangor, Maine Daily Whig on August 10, 1887: Woodstock, N.B., is greatly excited, says a “Boston Herald” dispatch, over the strange and inexplicable scenes which have been enacted […]

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Gisela Marulanda, 23, who claims to be possessed by spirits, participates in an exorcism ritual performed by Hermes Cifuentes (not pictured) in La Cumbre, Valle September 5, 2012. Cifuentes, who is known as "Brother Hermes", says he has performed more than 35,000 exorcism rituals in the past 25 years. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga (COLOMBIA - Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY) BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE - RTR384Z2

First-Ever Live Exorcism to be Aired on Halloween

By: [youtube] A US cable network says that it will stage a first-ever act of exorcism live this Halloween. The event will take place on the 66th anniversary of the infamous exorcism of Roland Doe that inspired the creators of the film The Exorcist. The ‘Exorcism: Live!’ show by the Destination America network […]

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Out Proctor? Doesn’t Scare Me… Much

By: This might be the last smorgasbord entry like this; the Chaos is killing me — plus, I’ve overstayed my welcome Out Proctor. Even the trees are starting to look weird. I have a friend who has fairly strong arachnophobia. {I don’t care for the eight-leggers myself.} Coming across this tree would not be […]

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