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Harvard Finds Pesticide in 70% of Honey Samples Tested

By: The Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) issue you keep hearing about (the phenomenon that is killing our bees and butterflies), well it just got real again with a study from Harvard. The study shows that 70% of honey samples collected in Massachusetts contain at least one neonicotinoid, the pesticide class that biotech companies say […]

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Ants Are as Effective as Pesticides

By: A new scientific review from Aarhus University shows that when farmers use ants as pest controllers, it is just as effective as using chemicals. In addition, the method is sustainable – and far cheaper. As the global population rises and finite resources dwindle, farmers need new, more sustainable ways to control pests. Ecologists […]

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Replacing Pesticides with Genetics

By: Every spring, a host of unwelcome visitors descends on the Hansen farm in upstate New York. Diamondback moths blown in from the South threaten rows of cabbages to be sold for slaw and sauerkraut. The moths can’t be fought off with a single insecticide. Workers must spray a series of chemicals throughout the […]

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