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Episode 711 – Bill Salus & Dr. David Janda

Thursday March 23rd 2017 In this edition we welcome back Bill Salus, followed by first-time guest Dr. David Janda. Salus and John start off on current politics and how some people believe that God intervened in the election and saved America; Later turning the conversation to how religion in America is not being taught. Then, […]

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Scott Uehlinger

Episode 709 – Scott Uehlinger & Susanne Posel

Tuesday March 21st 2017 In this edition we welcome former CIA agent Scott Uehlinger and journalist Susanne Posel. Uehlinger gets us rolling talking about his Naval officer days, navigating ships and the honor therein; later discussing Deep State, the Russians, politicians who are above the law, and what the real threats are. Susanne Posel, who […]

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Episode 623 – Joel Skousen & Merlin Miller

Wednesday October 12th 2016 In this edition we welcome Joel Skousen to discuss Mainstream Media, NSA Surveillance, the “War on Terror”, and more. Then, Merlin Miller joins us for the first time to discuss Globalism vs Nationalism, Cultural Marxism, Propaganda, Politics, and his book “Eagles are Gathering”. Guest Media Joel Skousen Merlin Miller Tracks Wardruna […]

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Episode 620 – David Stockman & Dr Paul Craig Roberts

Thursday October 6th 2016 In this edition we welcome David Stockman to discuss the economic crisis, past and present, stocks, bonds, the national debt, and politics! Then, Paul Craig Roberts joins us to talk about the Cold War, the current state of relations with Russia, and nuclear weapons. Guest Media David Stockman Dr Paul Craig […]

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Knight Richard Grove

Richard Grove is an American artist and forensic historian who frames his groundbreaking research into epic artistic representations to educate his audience. In 2015 his work was viewed by individuals in 186 countries, proving that his findings are both relevant and meaningful to people around the world. Richard’s podcast, The Peace Revolution, is consistently ranked […]

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Loretta Powers

Loretta Powers is an attorney, legal expert and proud graduate of the University of North Texas with a BA in Economics and Texas A&M University School of Law. She hosts a weekly radio program, Powers of Attorney with Loretta Powers every Saturday night from 9pm-10pm CT on AM 570 KLIF. When she’s not breaking down […]

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Episode 615 – Caspar McCloud & Loretta Powers

Wednesday September 28th 2016 In this edition we welcome Pastor Caspar McCloud to discuss music in the UK, his turn to Christianity, Faith, and the Shroud of Turin. Then, Loretta Powers joins us with her take on Clock Boy, Law, Politics, Vaccinations, Immigration and much more! Guest Media Caspar McCloud Loretta Powers Tracks Cruising the […]

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Jennifer Burke

Jennifer is a Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a certified teacher with 12 years experience in the classroom. Jennifer attended what is credited for being the first modern-day Tea Party rally in the country in the Seattle area and from there emerged as a powerful […]

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Dmitry Orlov

The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit In the face of political impotence, resource depletion, and catastrophic climate change, many of us have become reconciled to an uncertain future. However, popular perception of how this future might actually unfold varies wildly from “a severe and prolonged recession,” to James Howard Kunstler’s “long emergency,” to the […]

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Servando Gonzalez

Dare Call It Treason: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Betrayal of America. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) describes itself as a sort of social club where the rich and powerful get together to discuss national and international politics from a rational, non-partisan, patriotic perspective. But, really, what is the Council on Foreign […]

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Joan Mellen

Privilege: The enigma of Sasha Bruce what drove a beautiful heiress to her death-her own finger on the trigger or that of her last and most brutal lover…? Buy this Book

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Joan Mellen

Kay Boyle: Author of Herself 1st edition by Mellen, Joan (1994) In her long, prolific, and tumultuous career, Kay Boyle (1902-92) published more than thirty volumes of fiction and poetry to awards and acclamations, always mining a rich vein of autobiography and innovation. Her reputation, however, has only recently begun to reemerge from the long […]

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Book 3: Matt Bracken

The Bracken Anthology Recent essays, commentaries and short fiction from author Matt Bracken, 2010 to 2013, now including “Alas, Brave New Babylon.” Totals about 160 pages of high-octane distillate. 1. Arm Thy Neighbor 2. The CW2 Cube: Mapping the Meta-Terrain of Civil War Two 3. In Praise of Duplexed AR-15 Magazines 4. Professor Raoul X […]

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Donald Gibson

Ecology, Ideology and Power This book warns against the effort to sell a reactionary economic, political and social agenda dressed up as concern for and protection of the environment. The author is in no way opposed to any genuine ecological concerns, but his work demonstrates that what we call “environmentalism” is primarily an expression of […]

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Donald Gibson

Wealth, Power, and the Crisis of Laissez Faire Capitalism This forcefully argued book offers a provocative picture of the political, intellectual, and economic forces that have shaped the history of the United States, offering an extensive and in-depth critique of laissez-faire doctrine and a novel reformulation of the work of American System writers, Gibson traces […]

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Donald Gibson

Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy presidency Was JFK the tool of the Eastern Establishment, or was he its bitterest enemy? Don Gibson challenges the conventional wisdom and asserts, with powerful support from Kennedy’s own words and actions-and those of his enemies-that Kennedy was always on the side of economic, political and social progress. To achieve […]

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Barry Chamish

Traitors and Carpetbaggers: In the Promised Land This book presents a journal record of the conspirators, both within and without Israel, who have through greed and political ambitions negated the biblical promise to the nation. Within the category of traitors and carpetbaggers, the author lists: The Kissinger Connection The CFR Connection The Bush Connection The […]

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KrisAnne Hall

Liberty First: The Path to Restoring America We cannot give up on Liberty. There is too much at stake. There are no shortcuts. We must put LIBERTY FIRST and walk the long and arduous path to restore America! This book is a great primer for newcomers in the struggle for Liberty. It is also full […]

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