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Obama’s Broken Dreams: Ferguson, Palestine and Daesh (L’Orient Le Jour, Lebanon)

[Click Here for More El Pais Cartoons] It may be almost a cliche to say that Americans aren’t the only people disappointed with the Obama presidency, but Lebanese columnist Issa Goraieb’s criticism is particularly memorable for his discussion of American disappointment after Ferguson and Arab disappointment after Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo. For L’Orient Le […]

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Tasty Videos, Definitely a Keeper – Who Started the War?

By: Briefly on the subject of questions “So who started the war?”, which began to be asked after the well-known statements by Strelkov. The texture here is quite simple. The open phase of the civil war in Ukraine began on Feb 20 in Kiev, when the famous “unknown” snipers in order Parubiy and Co, […]

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Mass Protests Force Hungary to Retreat from Internet Tax Plans

By: Roland Moore-Colyer via Hungary has cancelled plans to introduce a tax on internet data traffic after large-scale protests in Budapest. Demonstrators opposed to the proposed levy of 150 forints (40p) per gigabyte of data traffic passing through data centres in the country threw old computer parts at the offices of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz […]

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If Voting Made a Difference – It Would be Illegal

Only 58 Percent of Votes Cast on Tamper-Resistant Systems Counted By: Rice University via A Rice University study of tamper-resistant voting methods revealed that only 58 percent of ballots were successfully cast across three voting systems. The researchers concluded additional work is needed to make voting both secure and user-friendly. The study, “Usability of […]

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