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The Art and Science of Forgetting Everything

By: Sarah Hepola is the personal essays editor at Salon and a contributor to The Morning News since 2002, one of our very first writers. She’s also a close friend, in part because her pieces have always been exactly what we want to publish at TMN: investigative essays that are personal, funny, and very […]

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Looking Through Paintings to See What’s Hidden

By: There is more to the world than meets the human eye, a fact that hit home for the 18th-century astronomer Sir Frederick William Herschel when he discovered infrared light—a wavelength of light that lies just outside the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can feel its heat, but we can’t see the […]

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The Art of Quitting

By: The thing about Ellen Pao, or any high-profile quitter before her, is that, ultimately, you reach a limit of what you can do—or more importantly, desire to do—in a given medium, and you have to get some distance from it and go in a different direction. And it’s worth the common reminder—success doesn’t […]

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Is ‘Face-ism’ Spoiling Your Life?

By: Imagine you grew up with a non-identical twin. You have the same upbringing, the same IQ, the same education, the same interests. Both of you are equally gregarious, equally adventurous, equally interesting. You both work out at the same gym, and eat the same food. Spiritually and mentally, you are doppelgangers. There’s just […]

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Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

By: [youtube] Footage went viral of a young woman suffering a meltdown, on a train, after her phone dies. It looks like it might be just another amusing YouTube tantrum, at first, but her anguish is so extreme as to be immediately troubling. Perhaps it’s because she is “all of us”, writes Chris […]

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The Age of Unreason

By: T ALL BEGAN when she lost her head. According to legend, Dimpna, a 7th-century Christian heroine, fled her native Ireland when her father, mad with grief at the death of his wife, developed an incestuous passion for his daughter. The father came after the girl and, rebuffed once more, beheaded her in the […]

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Take People Who Think They Are VAMPIRES Seriously, Taxpayer-Funded Professor Urges

By: A social work professor at Idaho State University has published a 4,357-word paper in an academic journal urging social workers to treat people who pretend they are vampires in a totally sober and dignified manner. The taxpayer-funded professor is DJ Williams. Williams’s treatise is entitled: “Do We Always Practice What we Preach? Real […]

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Why Chess Will Destroy Your Mind

By: Let’s take a trip back to 1859, when our mental environment faced a dire new threat. An upstart form of entertainment was exerting a hypnotic, addictive pull on our fragile minds, forcing them to engage in a useless, pointless activity that threatened everyday cognition. Sober cultural critics patiently critiqued and denounced the new […]

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Observing Psychokinesis in a Lab – Researchers Taking Psi Mainstream?

By: The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In “Beyond Science” Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide. Exuding mysterious and strange forces from one’s mind to bend a spoon or otherwise affect […]

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A Sleep Researcher’s Attempt to Build a Bank for Dreams

By: For many people, listening to just one person describe their dreams is a nightmare. But for G. William Domhoff, it’s a calling; as a dream researcher, he listens to them professionally. But even a dream doctor has his limits. “As soon as people find out what I do, they want me to interpret […]

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The Chemistry and Psychology of Turning Water into Wine

By: Penn and Teller famously skewered the bottled water craze on their myth-busting Showtime series, Bullshit, setting up a hidden-camera sting operation in a fancy New York restaurant. A fake “water sommelier” stopped at each table, offering diners a special selection of high-end bottled water at $7 a pop. The catch: All the bottles […]

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Upload Your Mind and Live Forever

By: Works as diverse as The Matrix (Descartes, Baudrillard), Neon Genesis Evangelion (Schopenhauer, Hegel, Kierkegaard), Frankenstein (Darwin, the Enlightenment) and Labyrinth (Berkeley, Leibniz, Pascal) have come to spread philosophical theory through mainstream culture like wildfire. They’ve all drawn narrative and artistic strength from treating philosophical subjects seriously. Not to mention sci-fi scribes like Stanislaw […]

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How to Use Time Travel to Increase Happiness

By: Anytime you need to be happier, just do some time travel. It’s that simple. I know what you’re thinking: He’s finally gone insane. No, I’m not crazy. And you don’t need a time machine. You’re just going to use your imagination. But scientific research shows this is a great way to immediately increase […]

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Fox News, or MSNBC: How We Make Selections

By: Beatles versus Rolling Stones. Ironman versus the Incredible Hulk. Deep dish versus thin crust. Such differences of opinion among family and friends rarely end in serious squabbles. Let the conversation turn to political parties, however, and lively disagreements can become downright ugly. Why is it that even among the people we care about […]

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The Limits of Introspection

By: On our journey towards self-knowledge, our first impulse is often to turn inward, introspect and self-reflect. We give great weight to our introspections. Most of us are confident that our perceptions of ourselves are more accurate than others’ perceptions of them. 1 Yet psychological research tells us that introspection is often a highly […]

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The Cognitive Short-Circuit of "Artificial Consciousness"

By: The new sci-fi film Ex_Machina has been teasing back into the cultural dialogue dreams of artificial consciousness: the idea that we humans, through the Faustian power of technology, can birth into being mechanisms capable of inner life, subjectivity and affection. Since these dreams are entirely based on implicit assumptions about the nature of […]

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