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NATO chief sounds alarm over Russian buildup from Baltic to Mediterranean

By NATO’s secretary-general has sounded the alarm over the build-up of Russian military forces from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, and called on the U.S.-led alliance to come up with a response. Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the Russians have concentrated military forces in Kaliningrad, the Black Sea and the eastern Mediterranean, where […]

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Confederate Flag Backers Indicted in Clash with Black Partygoers

By: Confederate flag supporters who became involved in a confrontation with a black family hosting a birthday party in Douglas County this summer have been indicted on charges filed under a state’s anti-terroristic threats law. District Attorney Brian Fortner’s office said a grand jury handed down the indictments Friday against 15 members of the […]

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Users Have Been Betrayed in the Final TPP Deal—Help Us Tell Washington How You Feel

By: Trade negotiators from the U.S. and its 11 Pacific Rim partners announced their agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) today, concluding the final round of closed negotiations in Atlanta and marking the culmination of seven years of secrecy. Throughout all that time, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has acted as a de […]

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Last Gun Shop in San Francisco Confirms Closure Due to New Law

By: The mood is somber at High Bridge Arms as the shop is closing following introduction of a law to video all gun and ammo sales and transmit data to the police department. In July, Supervisor Mark Farrell asked city attorney’s office to draft legislation increasing restrictions on gun stores operating in the city […]

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GE to Move U.S. Jobs Overseas in Fight Over Export Credits

By: Flexing its muscles amid a bitter congressional fight over the U.S. Export-Import Bank, General Electric Co on Tuesday revealed plans to shift up to 500 U.S. manufacturing jobs to Europe and China because it can no longer access EXIM financing. The largest U.S. industrial conglomerate said it will move production of some heavy […]

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Kids Publisher Scholastic Launches Massive Promo of “Trans” Book for Grade 3s

By: The world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books is heavily promoting a pro-transgender book designed for students as young as third grade. The Scholastic Corporation has sent school teachers and librarians 10,000 copies of the book, entitled George, which was written by self-described “queer activist” Alex Gino. In the children’s book, Gino […]

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U.N. Wants Europe to Take 200,000 Permanent Refugees; Poland says Stop the Illegal Flow First! U.K. Buckles!

By: As EU leaders meet today to discuss the migrant crisis overwhelming Europe, the UN ups the number of refugees it is demanding that European countries permanently resettle. By the way, in 2014 the UN was demanding that all western countries (not Gulf Arab states and not communist Russia or China!) take 130,000 permanent […]

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Refugee Program Is Fake Christian Compassion

By: Editor: This is a letter written by a concerned citizen of South Carolina. It is an open letter to the Spartanburg County Council. The council may have no legal way to stop the US State Department (or so we are told), but if the Council voted to say they were not supportive of […]

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Texas Court Halts Ruling to Vacate Gag Order in Biker Case

By: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halted proceedings involving a gag order issued by a district judge in the case of a biker arrested following a May shootout in Waco that left nine dead and 177 arrested. The ruling late Thursday by the state’s highest criminal court stays an order issued last week […]

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Shame on France: French Constitutional Council Widely Approves Surveillance Law!

By: Update (24 July 2015): The French Constitutional Council shows again its disregard for fundamental rights. This morning, after approving almost all dispositions in the Surveillance law, the Constitutional Council builds momentum by rejecting the Question Prioritaire de Constitutionalité1 handed by La Quadrature du Net, FDN and FDN Federation on the 2014-2019 Defence Law […]

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By: The number of migrants seeking protection in the European Union soared by 68 percent in the first five months of 2015 compared with the year-earlier period, the EU said on Wednesday at a time of haggling between member states over how to share the burden. EU ministers responsible for migrant issues will meet […]

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California’s Vaccine Bill: Assembly Passes SB 277 Outlawing Personal Belief and Religious Exemptions

By: A highly charged bill that would eliminate most exemptions that allow parents to avoid requirements to vaccinate their children easily cleared one of its last hurdles Thursday. Senate Bill 277, which mandates vaccinations for all school children, regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs, passed on a 46 to 30 vote in […]

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Italian Families Protest Forced Cross-Dressing of Schoolchildren

By: Parents from the north of Italy have organized a massive demonstration, called “Defend Our Children,” against gender ideology in schools, which will be held this Saturday in the Saint John Lateran Square in Rome. The demonstrators will be protesting Italian educational programs that are meant to blur the sexual identity of children. In […]

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This Man Fought for His Country, Now He’s Facing Arrest for Living Off-Grid on His Own Property

By: Tyler Truitt joined the military to fight for America’s freedom. However, after returning, he is quickly realizing that the supposed “freedom” that he fought for, is pipe dream. Truitt lives on his own property, but because he’s not tied into the city’s electricity and utility grid, his very existence has been deemed illegal. […]

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An Unconfirmed But Persistent Rumor: The ATF’s Machine Gun Registry Was Hacked

By: The news about the OPM hack by the ChiComs just keeps getting worse: “China’s Hack Just Wrecked American Espionage.” In addition, this writer has been trying for the past week to follow up on persistent rumors that the ATF’s national machine gun registry, the NFRTR (National Firearm Registration and Transfer Record) was hacked […]

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