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Russ Dizdar

Episode 713 – Russ Dizdar & Kyle Heinemann

Tuesday March 28th 2017 In this edition we welcome back Russ Dizdar and first-timer Kyle Heinemann. Dizdar leads off the program by relaying what is going on in his life; giving a sneak peak of what he is going to speak about at the Hear the Watchman Conference. We then welcome Major Kyle Heinemann to […]

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Episode 711 – Bill Salus & Dr. David Janda

Thursday March 23rd 2017 In this edition we welcome back Bill Salus, followed by first-time guest Dr. David Janda. Salus and John start off on current politics and how some people believe that God intervened in the election and saved America; Later turning the conversation to how religion in America is not being taught. Then, […]

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Steven Kaasgaard

Episode 703 – Steven Kaasgaard & Ali Siadatan

Thursday March 9th 2017 In this edition we speak with two first-timers, Steven Kaasgaard followed by Ali Siadatan. Kaasgaard, once labeled as a professional protester because of his direct action to close down toxic landfills in the 1980’s, has since shifted his focus to the Fukushima disaster which occurred on March 11, 2011. He tells […]

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Josh Peck

Josh Peck is an avid researcher of fringe topics, videographer at SkyWatchTV, creator of The Sharpening Report, host of Into the Multiverse, and is the author of numerous books, including Quantum Creation: Does the Supernatural Lurk in the Fourth Dimension? and Cherubim Chariots: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis. Josh has been featured on TV and radio shows, including […]

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Episode 611 – Dr. Michael K. Lake & Josh Peck

Wednesday September 21st 2016 In this episode we welcome Dr. Michael Lake to discuss the Occult, Fema Camps, CERN, The Multiverse, Nimrod’s Unfinished Work, and more! Then, Josh Peck of Skywatch TV joins in to discuss Quantum Physics and the Bible, extra-dimensions and the coming Technocalypse! Guest Media Dr. Michael K. Lake Josh Peck Tracks […]

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Episode 610 – Steven Ben DeNoon & Pastor Paul Begley

Tuesday September 20th 2016 In this edition we welcome Stephen Ben DeNoon to discuss Israel, conflict in the Middle East, ISIS, Chemical Weapons, and more! Then, Pastor Paul Begley joins us to discuss Middle East madness, the love of Christ, Containment camps in the USA, and much more. Guest Media Steven Ben DeNoon Pastor Paul […]

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Pastor Paul Begley

astor Paul Begley is excited about salvation. His gifting lies in evangelizing, and Bible prophecy. By the grace of God, thousands have come to Jesus Christ through this ministry. Pastor Paul is a fourth generational preacher, following after his father, grandmother and great grandfather who was blessed to be a part of the Azusa Street […]

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Episode 609 – Sophia

Friday September 16th 2016 In this edition we welcome “Sophia” to discuss living as a Christian in the Middle East, Sharia Law, Islam, Jihad, and more. Guest Media Sophia Tracks Soft Tempest – Symbion Project

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Sophia from Tennessee has been a guest speaker at many forums, including live audiences and radio. She shares her personal story and experience living as a Christian in the Middle East. Sophia tells a chilling story that will never be heard on American news outlets, gripping the audience’s attention as she explains the true experience […]

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Episode 608 – Will Champion & Bret Lueder

Thursday September 15th 2016 In this edition we welcome for the first time Will Champion to discuss his book “The Dreamland Files”, UFOs, British Admiralty, US Law, and so much more! Then, Bret Lueder joins us to speak about how magic rules the world, calling out for Jesus, UFO abdications, demons, taxes and law. Guest […]

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Bret Lueder

Bret Lueder received his Bachelors degree in Journalism from Chico State University in 2000. Since then, he has gone on to write roughly 700 articles on music, alternative history, spirituality and UFO’s for such magazines as Magical Blend Magazine, UFO Magazine, Reggae Festival Guide and the Chico News & Review, among many others. He has […]

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How the Church of Scientology Fought the Internet—and Why It Lost

By: [youtube] The Church of Scientology would like you to know that, as of this writing, its official Facebook page has 329,903 likes. We’ll return to that number later, but it might be a heartening one for the church, which has recently grappled with less-friendly numbers, such as the 5.5 million people who […]

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Birthplace of the First Hungarian Bible Marks 425 Years Since Completion of Work of “Epic Dimensions”

By: A commemoration was held in the northern Hungarian village of Vizsoly on Sunday to mark the 425th anniversary of the completion of the printing of the first Hungarian-language Bible on 20 July 1590. The 850-inhabitant village is known as the birthplace of the first Hungarian-language holy scripture, known as the Vizsoly Bible. Printing […]

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Gogol & The Russian World

By: Nikolai Gogol is not a writer well-known in the West. The picture of him one gets in English-language sources—Wikipedia and introductions to translations of his fiction—is of a talented but unfulfilled writer. A crypto-Ukrainian nationalist despite never writing in Ukrainian, even when writing home to his mother. A religious fanatic towards the end […]

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Memento Mori: The Beautiful Ways We Have Kept the Dead Among the Living

By: Art historian Paul Koudounaris travelled the world, visiting 30 countries to document the practices—ancient to modern, solemn to joyous—by which human remains are displayed. From good luck charms to genocide memorials, his gorgeous art book Memento Mori collects the finds. Koudounaris is a skilled photographer, as the 500+ pictures in this oversized book […]

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