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Aliens, Mankind and God

By: A few months ago I was sent an email by a woman who was furious at me for writing about aliens due to the fact that she felt that contemplating the idea they existed would mean there was no God. Frankly I could not wrap my head around her logic but knew she […]

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How a Relationship with God Gives Life Meaning

By: Soon after Jong Hyun Jung, a graduate student of sociology at Purdue University, first immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea, he noticed the importance of religion in the American culture in what people said and did. “The vast majority of Americans believe in a personal engagement with God,” he said. “I heard, […]

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They Were Destroyed by the Taliban. But Now the Giant Buddha Statues of Bamiyan Have Returned with 3-D Light Projection

By: [youtube] The Taliban thought it had destroyed one of the world’s wonders, the monumental Buddha statues of the Bamiyan Valley. But the Buddhas shine again in the towering cutouts in the mountainside where they stood for centuries. They are back, thanks to 3-D light projection. And they look great. #Unite4Heritage Une image […]

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redOrbit Exclusive: How Religions View Aliens

By: If ET suddenly came to Earth and began eating up all of our Reese’s Pieces, how would we respond? Well, in terms of religion, we would all probably respond a little differently. At least we think that’s how it’d go. Curious, we interviewed David Weintraub, author of Religions and Extraterrestrial Life: How Will […]

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The 7 Strangest Retellings of India’s Greatest Epic Tales

By: At the Bhagavad Gita Museum, one of the India’s greatest stories—700 lines of the Mahabharata in which Arjuna and Krishna discuss their values and ideals—is retold by a series of talking clay robots. As unusual as that might be, it’s only one of the many odd ways that the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad […]

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“Holy Fire” Taken to Monasteries in Kosovo

By: The fire, which believers consider to be a miracle, will be taken to the Serb Orthodox Church (SPC) monasteries in Gracanica and Decani, and then the Pec Patriarchate. In Gracanica, it was welcomed by SPC Bishop of Raska and Prizren and Kosovo and Metohija Teodosije and Director of the Serbian Government Office for […]

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Orthodox Christians Celebrate Good Friday and the Start of the Easter Weekend

By: David Sim of Orthodox Christians in Israel, Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, Ethiopia and other countries around the world are celebrating Easter this weekend. Carrying wooden crosses and singing hymns, pilgrims marked Good Friday by retracing the route that Jesus Christ took to his crucifixion. They walked in procession along the Via Dolorosa in the […]

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Is Religion of Germanwings Mass Murderer Truly ‘Irrelevant’? (PI-News, Express Tribune, Juan Cole, Times of Malta)

Over the past few days a debate has broken out over whether Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings pilot who crashed his own plane into the ground killing all aboard, a) should be called a terrorist, and b) was a Muslim convert who committed mass murder out of religious conviction. So is the mainstream media avoiding the […]

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Is Easter Biblical?

By: Jaco Viljoen of A boy leaps out of bed, filled with excitement. Today will be a special day for him and his family. He bounds down the stairs and discovers a reed basket filled with beautifully painted eggs and chocolate rabbits. He cannot wait to dive into the goodies! His anticipation grows as […]

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Christians, Muslims and the Destruction of Ancient Sites (Le Monde, France)

Like the fundamentalists of Islamic State, Christians, too, had a period in which ancient sites were destroyed as a form of idolatry. However, according to Gérard Leclerc, a journalist and philosopher with France Catholique, a cultural chasm separates the two: unlike the radicals of Islamic State, ‘Christianity was from the start a scholarly religion that […]

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Alarming Number of Muslims in Europe Back Extremism (Elsevier, The Netherlands)

Given the burgeoning problem of Islamic extremism in Europe, should the E.U. immediately halt the flow of immigrants from Muslim countries? For Elsevier of the Netherlands, columnist Afshin Ellian provides the startling results of a recent survey of Muslims in six European countries and advises readers to look at the ‘inconvenient truth’: For Elsevier , […]

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ISIS Launches ‘Kilafahbook’: The Facebook for Terrorists (Bild, Germany)

Apparently tired of Western restrictions on their blood curdling Tweets and Facebook posts, Germany’s Bild reports that the throat-cutting geeks of ISIS launched their own social network three days ago. Looking suspiciously like Facebook, the ISIS jihadis have dubbed it ‘Kilafahbook’. They have shared their cruel deeds on the Web in order to attract the […]

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Netanyahu has More ‘Right to Speak’ than Obama Ever Will (de Volskrant, The Netherlands)

Was President Obama wrongheaded to oppose today’s speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? For de Volkskrant of the Netherlands, historian Dirk-Jan van Baar goes one step further, arguing that given Obama’s Middle East track record, he should speak less and let Netanyahu speak more. The mudslinging casts a dark shadow over what’s […]

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