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Ark Midnight Live With John B Wells – Sat March 18 – Guest: John McAfee

Don’t miss “Ark Midnight” Saturday evening LIVE on KLIF570 – Episode 41 @ 10pm to Midnight (Central Time) Our guest today – John McAfee Show Topic – Mass Surveillance & Vault7 Lines will be open if you would like to join our conversation. See you there! – Studio line – 888-787 5543 Join our […]

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Recap: The Spy Who Fired Me: The Human Cost of Workplace Monitoring

By: With the advent of wireless connectivity, along with a steep drop in the price of computer processors, electronic sensors, GPS devices, and radio-frequency identification tags, monitoring has become commonplace. Cornerstone OnDemand is used by companies as a platform which can quickly and easily assess an employee’s performance by analyzing his or her online […]

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Bye Bye U-2: CIA Legend Allen Predicts End of Manned Reconnaissance

By: “The world of manned reconnaissance is gone, and soon manned reconnaissance itself will be gone.” So says Charles E. Allen, whose opinion on such matters carries more weight than most. Charlie Allen joined the CIA in 1958 and spent the last seven of his 40 years there as assistant director of central intelligence […]

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Here Is a Government Surveillance Device Disguised as a Baby’s Car Seat

By: Spend enough time investigating the global surveillance industry, and you’ll come to realize that reality is far stranger than fiction. A previous Motherboard investigation into the cache of documents leaked after the hack of Hacking Team revealed a huge network of companies reselling spyware around the world. But the Italian firm, which makes […]

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San Jose Looks at Using Garbage Haulers to Catch Car Thieves

By: The noisy garbage trucks that lumber down San Jose streets every week could soon pick up more than just trash — they might also scan your license plate and all your neighbors’ tags, too, in a proposed city-wide sweep for stolen vehicles that has civil libertarians crying foul. Mayor Sam Liccardo and Councilmen […]

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The Respected Spy

By: It is rare for a spy to be respected. He’s often held in contempt by his own side of ultimate allegiance, not just by his enemy, or the side of his former allegiance, who can be expected to have their noses out of joint over the espionage. If you run through the protagonists […]

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HUMINT May Be Getting Harder to Do, But SIGINT Continues to Rise in Importance

By: CYBER-CAFÉS were once a favoured tool of Western intelligence and security agencies. They were inconspicuous, cheap to establish and highly effective. Set up near an international summit buzzing with targets, or close to a mosque favoured by Islamist extremists, these facilities allowed their masters to monitor browsing habits, obtain targets’ logins and passwords, […]

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How NSA and GCHQ spied on the Cold War world

By: American and British intelligence used a secret relationship with the founder of a Swiss encryption company to help them spy during the Cold War, newly released documents analysed by the BBC reveal. The story of the German Enigma machine is well-known – a device built to provide secure communications but which British code-breakers […]

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SeaWorld’s “Sophisticated” Spy Ring Bigger than Previously Thought, Activists Claim

By: The SeaWorld employee suspended last week for allegedly infiltrating animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) also targeted events linked to the 2013 Seaworld documentary Blackfish, according to contributors to the film. The employee, Paul McComb, attended meetings of orca researchers and former SeaWorld trainers while pretending to be […]

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The KGB in India: A Recruitment Account

By: KGB officer Vadim Nikolaevich Sopryakov – “Comrade Maxim” – tells of a key recruitment he made in 1968 while serving under diplomatic cover in Delhi, India. Sopryakov, a retired captain first rank, began his service in the KGB Border Guards naval units, then transferring to the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence), and even […]

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Rwandan Spy Chief Arrested in U.K.

By: Rwanda’s foreign minister has said that the arrest of the country’s intelligence chief in London is “lunacy”. British police arrested the director-general of Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security Services, Karenzi Karake, on Saturday at the request of Spain, where he is wanted in connection with war crimes. Karake was arrested at London’s Heathrow […]

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Reading Your Stasi

By: Nostalgia, that affection for the past that almost inevitably increases with age, is often derided as dangerous or reactionary because it is mistaken for a desire for a return to that past. This is a mistake: nostalgia is not a political programme and would not be nostalgia at all if it did not […]

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The Great CIA Molehunt

By:‘ KGB Lt. Gen. Vitaly Grigorevich Pavlov (1914-2005), a senior veteran of the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence), gives his view on the “revelations” of Soviet defectors, particularly Anatoly Golitsyn, and the subsequent molehunt that paralyzed the CIA in the 1960s. The requirements of tradecraft are necessary to carry out not only during specific […]

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