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2015 Cyber Security Strategy of the United States of America (U.S. Department of Defense)

The Pentagon has released it latest, and first publicly-released, Cyber Security Strategy, and as government documents go, it’s a pretty interesting read. Of course it says very little about how the intentional undermining of encryption and the adoption of strategies and tactics that are diametrically opposed to the NSA’s founding principles have created many of […]

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EFF to Congress: Stop the Cybersurveillance Bills

By: EFF joined over 50 privacy and civil society organizations that sent two letters to Congress demanding it vote against the Senate Intelligence Committee’s cybersecurity “information sharing” bill, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 (CISA, S. 754) and the House Intelligence Committee’s bill, the Protecting Cyber Networks Act (PCNA, HR 1560). The letters […]

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7 Deadly Sins That Get Users Hacked

By: Ericka Chickowski of Common knowledge has it that users are the weakest link in the IT risk management world—particularly negligent or uneducated users. But how exactly are the bad guys taking advantage of this ignorance or lack of care to break into users’ endpoints and corporate accounts? Many of their methods involve just […]

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Why You Should Forget Facebook for Good

By: Vanson of Do you need convincing reasons to leave Facebook for good? Look no further than this video clip and Guardian article below. [youtube] Leave Facebook if you don’t want to be spied on, warns EU European Commission admits Safe Harbour framework cannot ensure privacy of EU citizens’ data when sent to […]

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Verizon Finally Allows Users to Opt Out of Its “Super Cookies”

By: Karl Bode of Back in October we noted that security researchers had discovered that Verizon was injecting all of its wireless users’ packets with a unique identifier header, or UIDH. Said UIDH displays user information about their online behavior and, despite Verizon’s previous claims, can be utilized by any third party looking to […]

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Publishers Actively Monitoring Testing Students’ Social Media Posts for Possible Cheating

By: Tim Cushing of Major corporations are actively monitoring social media during standardized tests. This is being done to “protect” the “integrity” of test questions and answers. None of this is particularly surprising, other than the fact that a member of school administration was the one to blow the whistle on it. Students in […]

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Japan Launches Rocket with Intelligence Satellite

By: TOKYO, March 26. /TASS/. Japan successfully launched an intelligence satellite on Thursday, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) reported. The backup optical satellite for the government’s intelligence gathering program was taken to orbit by the H-2A heavy launch vehicle, Kyodo news agency said. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. launched […]

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Berlin Must Reveal U.S. ‘Blackmail’ Over Snowden Asylum (La Jornada, Mexico)

Over the weekend it was reported that German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, when pressed by journalist Glenn Greenwald as to why Germany didn’t offer Edward Snowden political asylum, replied that Washington, ‘told us they would stop notifying us of plots and other intelligence matters.’ This editorial from Mexico’s La Jornada implores Germany to live up […]

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Britain Should Turn to Middle-Aged Mums to be Spies of the Future: report

By: Britain’s security agencies should look to recruit more middle-aged women and mothers to be new spies and should target websites popular with parents to find them, an influential committee of lawmakers said on Thursday. The Intelligence and Security Committee, which oversees the work of Britain’s three spy agencies, said it was crucial there […]

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College Students Are Already Trying to Hack New Anti-Cheating ‘Spyware’

By: Kashmir Hill of For years, colleges and universities have used computer programs like TurnItIn to keep students from plagiarizing on papers, and old-school methods like spaced-out seating to keep them from cheating on in-class exams. Now, the online education sector is testing out new, more sophisticated tools to keep remote students from cheating […]

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Digital Surveillance Reforms Needed in Wake of GCHQ “Bulk Interception”, Report Finds

By: Alastair Stevenson of Fresh legislation around the way intelligence agencies collect and analyse digital data is needed in the wake of the notorious PRISM revelations, according to the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). The ISC, which has been running an inquiry into UK intelligence agencies’ digital surveillance activities over the past 18 months, […]

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Patrick Sensburg

Mystery Again Surrounds Bundestag’s NSA Committee of Inquiry (Die Welt, Germany)

Chairman of the Bundestag’s NSA Committee of Inquiry Patrick Sensburg has led Berlin’s almost two-year long probe into the scandal exposed by Edward Snowden surrounding NSA mass surveillance. Last year Sensburg reportedly ordered music to be played at committee meetings ‘just in case’ and at least two moles were discovered passing information from the Committee […]

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Yes Indeed: Venezuela Coup Attempts are Aided by Washington (La Jornada, Mexico)

Since Hugo Chavez was first elected president of Venezuela in 1999, the country’s leaders have charged the United States with overtly and covertly working to undermine its government, which Washington regards as hostile to its interests. Never mind that according to former President Jimmy Carter, Venezuela has ‘the best electoral system in the world.’ For […]

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Germany’s Anti-Muslim Movement Spawns Anti-American Offshoot (Barbadillo, Italy)

Members of Germany’s anti-Islamization movement Pigeda have just launched a new one: European Patriots Against the Americanization of the West, aka/Pegada. The group, which is growing fast and held it’s first demonstration last month, calls the United States a ‘terrorist power,’ demands an end to U.S. spying and opposes the ‘colonialist’ Trans-Pacific Trade and Investment […]

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