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Ark Midnight Live With John B Wells – Sat March 18 – Guest: John McAfee

Don’t miss “Ark Midnight” Saturday evening LIVE on KLIF570 – Episode 41 @ 10pm to Midnight (Central Time) Our guest today – John McAfee Show Topic – Mass Surveillance & Vault7 Lines will be open if you would like to join our conversation. See you there! – Studio line – 888-787 5543 Join our […]

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$460M CYBERCOM Contract Will Create Digital Munitions

By: The first job under a forthcoming $460 million U.S. Cyber Command contract to outsource all mission support involves, among other activities, a lot of digital munitions-making. An 84-page draft task order released Sept. 30 runs the gamut of hacking and counterhacking work, plus traditional IT support activities. The proposed solicitation was accompanied by […]

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Detective to Testify in Case of Defendant Claiming Feds Framed Him Over UFO Research

By: Criminal allegations against Loveland Police Detective Brian Koopman cannot be used during his testimony in a separate case, a district court judge ruled Monday morning. Stanley Romanek, a 52-year-old Loveland man charged with distribution and possession of child pornography, appeared in court on bond Monday morning as his defense attorneys argued for access […]

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National Counterintelligence Director Evanina About OPM Breach: “Not My Job”

By: I’ve been tracking Ron Wyden’s efforts to learn whether the National Counterintelligence and Security Center had anticipated how much of a counterintelligence bonanza the Office of Personnel Management’s databases would be. Wyden sent National Counterintelligence Executive William Evanina a set of questions last month. Did the NCSC identify OPM’s security clearance database as […]

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On Suicide and Ashley Madison

By: Suicide is a difficult topic to discuss. It has claimed many well-known individuals in society at large and in information security. It is a difficult topic for me to discuss since one of my best friends in college committed suicide just a few years ago, something I still struggle to talk about. As […]

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Pentagon’s Cyber Mission Force Takes Shape

By: The Department of Defense plans to complete the establishment of a new Cyber Mission Force made up of 133 teams of more than 6000 “cyber operators” by 2018, and it’s already nearly halfway there. From FY2014-2018, DoD intends to spend $1.878 billion dollars to pay for the Cyber Missions Force consisting of approximately […]

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The Most Ambitious Craigslist Heist You’ve Never Heard Of

By: On July 7, 2013, a Middle Eastern man boarded a flight from Los Angeles to Oakland, California. He was bearing a 4-carat diamond worth $175,000, as well as two smaller, 2-carat gems, intending to sell them in Oakland to a man he’d met over Craigslist. The buyer paid for his plane ticket and […]

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Wikipedia’s Biggest Scandal: Industrial-Scale Blackmail

By: No media mogul in history has ever matched the power of Wikipedia, which is capable of damaging reputations on an industrial scale. But with no checks in place to identify contributors, it was only a matter of time before fraudsters and blackmailers took advantage of Wikipedia to use it systematically, for profit. The […]

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By: This has got to have new Defense Secretary Ash Carter walking the floor at night. The recent hacker data dump of thousands of e-mail addresses at adultery site Ashley Madison went off like an unexpected bombshell. Informed sources tell investigators have determined at least two flag officers – military branches not provided […]

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Wikileaks says Case of Canberra Defense Leaker Is “Cautionary Tale” for Whistleblowers

By: WikiLeaks says the prosecution of a junior Canberra bureaucrat alleged to have posted secret information online should serve as a cautionary tale to potential whistleblowers. The organisation – which specialises in protecting those who wish to leak government secrets – urged would-be whistleblowers to seek expert help to disclose sensitive information. Department of […]

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“There Is No Such Thing as a Secret on the Internet”

By: The desperate words could just about be deciphered from the sobbing. “I’m ruined. My family is ruined and my career is gone.” The crumbling man had just found out that his illicit life of extra-marital affairs was being traded in the darkest recesses of the internet where secrets are currency and nothing is […]

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Brits Arrest Alleged Fed Reserve Hacker

By: British police have re-arrested Lauri Love, who’s been charged with 2012 and 2013 hack attacks against U.S. government computers, including systems operated by the Federal Reserve, U.S. Army and NASA. But Love plans to fight extradition. Love, 30, was arrested at his house in Suffolk, England, near London on July 15 by the […]

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Ashley Madison Hack: Evidence for Divorce?

By: I imagine a lot of veiled threats will be made following the hacking of marital-affair site Ashley Madison, whether it be via third parties or via inevitable divorcing parties. Is it legal for a spouse who learns of his/her spouse’s infidelity through this hack to use it in divorce case? Or does it […]

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