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The Government’s New Three-Letter Agency Is Coming…

By: The FBI. The CIA. The NSA… You’ve heard of these “three-letter” agencies. But I bet you haven’t heard of a brand-new three-letter agency that’s set to hit the government budget by the end of 2015… To put it plainly, a plan is already in motion to create a brand-new three-letter agency focused solely […]

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The Real Problem with Tor’s Security

By: Silk Road wasn’t built in a day, but it dropped off the Internet in an instant. On the morning of Oct. 2, 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized the infamous black market and arrested its alleged mastermind, Ross Ulbricht. The fall of Silk Road shook the entire Dark Net—the unindexed, anonymous part […]

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PayPal-eBay Split to Take Effect Today

By: eBay will sell its enterprise e-commerce business to a consortium led by private equity firm Permira for US$925 million (A$1.2 billion), as it streamlines its operations following a separation from PayPal, which will take effect today. eBay’s enterprise business, the company’s smallest, was formerly known as GSI Commerce. It bought the business, which […]

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U.A.E. Jails Aussie Woman for “Bad Words” on Facebook

By: An Australian woman was arrested on Monday in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital of Abu Dhabi for the unusual crime of “writing bad words” on Facebook. Jodi Magi, 39, told the Australian ABC that back in February she posted a photo of a car with no disability stickers that was parked blocking […]

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Israeli Singer Jailed for Hacking Madonna Emails

By: An Israeli Singer and former contestant on a reality talent show has been jailed for hacking Madonna’s online accounts and stealing songs from her unreleased music tracks. Adi Lederman, 39, who participated in Israel’s version of American Idol called A Star Is Born, is set to spend his 14 months in prison and […]

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Hacker High: Why We Need to Teach Hacking in Schools

By: We’re in the midst of a national cybersecurity crisis. Breaches, such as the ongoing OPM breach, are continuing at an alarming rate; organizations are building their security infrastructure, but are lacking staff. We need more skilled cybersecurity professionals, yet we don’t have a consolidated plan for building the cybersecurity skills pipeline. Then there’s […]

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OPM’s Database for Sale? Nope, It Came from Another U.S. .Gov

By: A database supposedly from a sample of information stolen in the much publicized hack at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has been making the rounds in the cybercrime underground, with some ne’er-do-wells even offering to sell it as part of a larger package. But a review of the information made available as […]

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How Israeli Cyber-Security Startups Are Battling The World’s Riskiest Online Hacks

By: Remember the Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leaks? While our first reaction was to remove any photos we wouldn’t want our moms to see from the “cloud”, a recent spate of cyber-security breaches, including against SONY and even the White House, also made it increasingly clear that cyber-criminals are getting smarter, faster, and more […]

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The Hidden Story Behind Facebook’s Privacy Changes – and Why Your Data Has Suddenly Become More Valuable

By: Desperate for a positive news story about Facebook, the world’s media is in hyperdrive over changes to the site’s new privacy settings. I mean, gosh, they are now so easy to use. “Facebook caves in to privacy pressures” declared the stately Financial Times. “Facebook’s privacy evolution crawls another step out of the ooze” […]

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Do Not Track: Revolutionary Mashup Documentary About Web Privacy

By: [youtube] I make documentaries about the Internet. My last one, Rip! A Remix Manifesto, was made during the copyright wars of the early 2000s. We followed Girl Talk, Larry Lessig, Gilberto Gil, Cory and others as the Free Culture movement was born. I believed then that copyright was the Internet’s defining issue. […]

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Is Facebook Ruining Democracy?

By: Fox News and other television and online outlets long ago proved the appeal of confirmation bias — the idea that audiences like to hear what they already believe. But a new study in the journal Science shows that the same holds true on social media, where more and more people are finding their […]

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Our Future Sits at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

By: Listen to podcast – HERE I met up with Possibility Research president Steve Omohundro at our Bitcoin & the Blockchain Radar Summit to talk about an interesting intersection: artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain/cryptocurrency technologies. This Radar Podcast episode features our discussion about the role cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies will play in the future […]

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Unpatched, Vulnerable PDF Readers Leave Users Open to Attack

By: Unpatched, vulnerable PDF readers are a big security issue for private PC users, according to Secunia. 14% of PC users in the US (up from 12.9% last quarter) have an unpatched operating system, and that Oracle Java yet again tops the list of applications exposing PCs to security risks. The security of a […]

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Facebook Login System Weaponized by China’s Great Firewall

By: China’s Great Firewall has hijacked the Javascript applet for Facebook Connect, redirecting its users to third-party websites. Facebook Connect allows users to be authorized by other websites when logged into Facebook. On Sunday, some Chinese web users loading webpages with Facebook Connect, found that the native javascript had been replaced and redirects them […]

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