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Reading Your Stasi

By: Nostalgia, that affection for the past that almost inevitably increases with age, is often derided as dangerous or reactionary because it is mistaken for a desire for a return to that past. This is a mistake: nostalgia is not a political programme and would not be nostalgia at all if it did not […]

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McAfee: “Fearful” Government Will Make Security Weaker

By: Security maverick John McAfee slammed government attempts to introduce backdoors into software as foolhardy, saying it will enable hackers to gain access to the applications we use. Speaking at a keynote speech at the Infosec show in London, McAfee said that we “cannot allow a fearful government or fearful institution to create weaknesses […]

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A Brief History of the PATRIOT Reauthorization Debate

By: I wanted to provide some background of how we got to this week’s PATRIOT Reauthorization debate to explain what I believe the surveillance boosters are really aiming for. Rather than a response to Edward Snowden, I think it is more useful to consider “reform” as an Intelligence Community effort to recreate functionalities they […]

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The Hidden Story Behind Facebook’s Privacy Changes – and Why Your Data Has Suddenly Become More Valuable

By: Desperate for a positive news story about Facebook, the world’s media is in hyperdrive over changes to the site’s new privacy settings. I mean, gosh, they are now so easy to use. “Facebook caves in to privacy pressures” declared the stately Financial Times. “Facebook’s privacy evolution crawls another step out of the ooze” […]

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U.K. Police Kept Secret Files About Sci-Fi Fans

By: Scotland Yard once believed that Star Trek fanatics had the potential to go mad and turn against society. On the face of it there would seem to be nothing threatening at all about the stereotypical ‘Trekkie’, yet back in the 1990s police in the UK had found it necessary to keep a special […]

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GCHQ Marks the Importance of Alan Turing in a Symbolic Gesture

By: The GCHQ “doughnut” building in Cheltenham is to be lit up in rainbow colours as a symbol of the intelligence agency’s commitment to diversity. It will take place later, to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Computer pioneer and codebreaker Alan Turing kept his sexuality a secret while working at Bletchley […]

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Are You Being Secretly Recorded on the Beach?

By: [youtube] All over the internet there a photos and videos of women on the beach but many of those people have no idea that their images have been posted online. INSIDE EDITION went to Miami Beach to track down many of the people taking some of those photos.

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Even the FBI Had Privacy Concerns on License Plate Readers

By: Law enforcement’s use of automated license plate readers has drawn increasing controversy in recent years amid concerns that the devices pose a threat to privacy. Now, internal documents show that the FBI, based on a recommendation from its own lawyers, was told to stop buying the devices for a time in 2012. The […]

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The Anxiety of Being Watched by Machines: There’s an App for That

By: What does it feel like to be under surveillance? For Laura Poitras, the filmmaker who documented Edward Snowden in Citizenfour, it feels like a ringing in your ears. “Depending on the stress level it would get louder or quieter,” Poitras told the data scholar Kate Crawford during the New Museum’s annual “Seven on […]

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The Twenty Privacy Principles They Never Taught You at School

By: GENERAL PRINCIPLES 1. Responsible organisations describe privacy as a “right”, unaware ones talk of it as a “value” and bad players lambast it as an “interest”. 2. Most people in power only support privacy rights when they’re about to get dumped into a scandal. 3. Claims of a conflict between privacy and freedom […]

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Eyes Wide Open

By: The technology is known as photogrammetry – a charting and surveying technique using super high-resolution still aerial photographs. The actual photography is carried out by a camera housed in a dedicated payload fitted to a Mini-UAV manufactured by the Blue Bird Company. The objective: a cultivated agricultural field in a Latin-American country. This […]

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Video: Smartphone Controls Everything in Your House… But be Very Careful When You Use It

By: [youtube] Smartphone are becoming very handy tools to control various household objects in our homes. We can now use them to control our music players, lights, burglar alarms and even use them as remotes for our televisions. This is all great and very practical, though you must be very careful and remember […]

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The Perils of Popular News Sites

By: Over a year ago it was discovered that government surveillance programs can use digital ad tracking software to keep tabs on Internet users. Now it appears more widespread than most thought. In fact, 100 popular news sites were found to be susceptible to security issues that could help spies learn about what websites […]

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2015 Cyber Security Strategy of the United States of America (U.S. Department of Defense)

The Pentagon has released it latest, and first publicly-released, Cyber Security Strategy, and as government documents go, it’s a pretty interesting read. Of course it says very little about how the intentional undermining of encryption and the adoption of strategies and tactics that are diametrically opposed to the NSA’s founding principles have created many of […]

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Why You Have the Right to Obscurity

By: Some people argue that the Digital Age has eviscerated obscurity. They say shifts in the technological and economic landscapes have forever changed society. Their argument is that a tipping point has occurred; it’s now too late to stop others from collecting, aggregating, and analyzing nearly every aspect of our data trail, and profiting […]

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NSA’s Grand Plan to Snowden-Proof Its Data Using the Cloud

By: Frank Konkel of Almost two years ago, the National Security Agency forever lost its “No Such Agency” nickname at the hands of one of its contractors — a once-trusted insider by the name of Edward Snowden. Snowden’s stream of leaked NSA secrets about classified surveillance programs shined the public spotlight on the clandestine […]

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