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Aliens existed in the past

By When discussing intelligent life forms not found on Earth, questions and theories tend to focus on whether or not they currently exist. However, new research shows that it is almost impossible for humans to be the only intelligent life forms ever. In a study published late last month, empirical evidence shows the likelihood […]

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Humans have pondered aliens since medieval times

By For beings that are supposedly alien to human culture, extraterrestrials are pretty darn common. You can find them in all sorts of cultural contexts, from comic books, sci-fi novels and conspiracy theories to Hollywood films and old television reruns. There’s Superman and Doctor Who, E.T. and Mindy’s friend Mork, Mr. Spock, Alf, Kang […]

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Mistaking Military Craft for UFOs?

By: As someone who investigates a lot of UFO reports, I’m often asked if I think at least some unidentified flying objects are classified technology developed by “the government,” and/or defense contractors? Well, yes I do. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. And I think that as our technology develops, it’s going […]

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The Decline and Fall of Ufology

By: I think that the high point in Ufology was July 1997 when the fiftieth anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash was celebrated. I think that the low point, probably the lowest since June 1947 and Arnold’s sighting was May 5, 2015 when the fiasco of the Not Roswell Slides was presented to the […]

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Does FBI Memo Prove Aliens DID Crash Near Roswell and THREE UFOs and Were Covered Up?

By: UFO researchers in Japan stumbled across an FBI memo that some believe could prove the infamous Roswell flying saucer incident DID happen – and involved THREE flying saucers instead of just the suspected one. An FBI memo that has come under scrutiny following freedom of information requests even suggests each “saucer” contained three […]

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Detective to Testify in Case of Defendant Claiming Feds Framed Him Over UFO Research

By: Criminal allegations against Loveland Police Detective Brian Koopman cannot be used during his testimony in a separate case, a district court judge ruled Monday morning. Stanley Romanek, a 52-year-old Loveland man charged with distribution and possession of child pornography, appeared in court on bond Monday morning as his defense attorneys argued for access […]

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End of an Era: MUFON Founder Passes Away

By: The largest UFO organization in the world (MUFON) is mourning the loss of its founder, Walter H. Andrus Jr. (1920-2015). Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Andrus’s life-long interest in UFOs began in 1948, when he along with his wife and son had a daylight sighting of four objects flying in formation over downtown […]

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Tucson’s UFO Mystery Revealed

By: [youtube] We’ve seen reports of UFOs that turn out to be balloons, and others that are military aircraft, privately-owned drones, Chinese lanterns, even birds, insects and the planet Venus. The mystery behind this UFO is a new one to us. But let’s put it this way: If you were driving through the […]

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Did a “Flying Saucer” Land in Augsburg, Germany in 1591?

By: Note: This is a small portion of a chapter in a forthcoming book. The UFO community was first made aware of illustrations of UFO-like events from the 1500s in Carl Jung’s “Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky” (first published in 1958). The widely available English paperback changed the […]

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Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport

By: Consisting of little more than a dirt landing strip marked by a raggedy windsock, the Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport in the northern part of Green River, Wyoming has been courting alien visitors since the mid-90’s. In 1994, NASA learned that Jupiter was in some danger of being hit by a number of […]

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BBC Cut the Video of Patrick Moore Seeing a UFO, Alien Hunter Claims

By: Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore had seen a UFO, an alien investigator claimed. The world famous astronomer even caught it on film during the documentary at paranormal hotbed Warminster. However, the BBC cut out the video and his real reaction, according to the claim. Matt Lyons, an alien researcher, made the allegations during the […]

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This Day in UFO History: Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh UFO Sighting

By: There are myths and stories lurking around UFOs, and there are people who claimed to have seen these flying objects. The perfect evidence is still not present, but the research is going strong. Ancient literature, monuments and artifacts are being researched upon and being studied to having any evidence regarding the meeting of […]

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Similar UFOs Appear Over Japanese, U.S. Cities

By: [youtube] Two separate cases of unusual-looking lights — over cities on different continents — were captured on video, prompting speculation that the objects were everything from alien life forms to popular Chinese lanterns. The composite image above shows the aerial anomalies over Osaka, Japan, (left) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (right) within days of […]

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Did UFOs Fly in the Skies of Ancient India?

By: he Vedic period of ancient India, which extended roughly from 8000 B.C to 2500 B.C,,is shrouded in myth and mystery. This is hardly surprising, since this time goes back to a time before written language, so history was passed down largely orally,. We know through anthropological studies that in most of the world […]

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Russian Billionaire Bankrolls New Project to Listen for Extraterrestrials

By: Scientists working on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) got an unprecedented boost in funding that will greatly increase their ability to listen for aliens. The announcement was made Monday at the Royal Society in London. Russian billionaire Yuri Milner shared the stage with Stephen Hawking to make the announcement. Milner has pledged […]

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Jimi Hendrix Postal Tribute

Celebrities Encounter the Great Equalizer: The UFO

By: It is readily apparent that UFOs and their alien occupants are a huge portion of our daily allotment of pop culture influences. It should also be apparent that this is not a case of pop culture exploiting consumer interest in UFOs but represents instead a conscious, deliberate social programming being carried out by […]

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