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“They’re Making Idiots of Us!”: Eastern Europe Furious at West for Doing Gas Deals with Russian Devils

By: Back in June, when Greece was still predisposed to waving around an MOU for participation in the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline in a desperate attempt to play the Russian pivot card and force Brussels to blink, we remarked that the Turkish Stream MOU with Greece wasn’t the only preliminary energy deal Gazprom […]

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Plato: All Wars Arise for the Sake of Gaining Money

By: Translated by Harold North Fowler Socrates The body and its desires are the only causes of wars and factions and battles; for all wars arise for the sake of gaining money, and we are compelled to gain money for the sake of the body. We are slaves to its services. From The Apology […]

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U.A.E. Loses 45 Troops on Black Day in Yemen

By: The UAE says 45 of its soldiers engaged in a Saudi-led campaign against Shi’ite rebels in Yemen have been killed in an accidental explosion that the insurgents claimed was caused by rocket fire. In what was the deadliest day for the coalition since it was formed in March, Bahrain said five of its […]

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Japan Seeks Biggest-Ever Defense Budget Amid China Concerns

By: Japan’s Defense Ministry wants to buy an advanced Aegis radar-equipped destroyer and more F-35 fighters under its largest-ever budget to bolster the defense of southern islands amid a territorial dispute with China. The ministry endorsed a 5.1 trillion yen ($42 billion) budget request Monday for the year beginning next April, up 2.2 percent […]

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Ban or No Ban, Hard Questions Remain on Autonomous Weapons

By: Last month, over 1,000 robotics and artificial intelligence researchers signed an open letter calling for a ban on offensive autonomous weapons, putting new energy into an already spirited debate about the role of autonomy in weapons of the future. These researchers join an ongoing conversation among lawyers, ethicists, academics, activists, and defense professionals […]

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IN PICTURES: Life at Christian Refugee Camp in Erbil

By: Note: When interventionism causes chaos. Think about the pictures that you won’t see and the people you don’t care to know about since it’s “easier” to “believe” that such circumstances will “never” come to pass in the U.S. or other Western nations. Make ready for what’s to come… Continue to see all pictures […]

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A Coming War in Space?

By: Air Force Space Command’s evolving mission to protect U.S. military and spy satellites was recently featured in a “60 Minutes” report. The Aug. 3 segment gave an interesting look at the command based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, as well as its subordinate units and its leaders, including Gen. John Hyten, […]

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China Pushes Forward Hypersonic Missile Tests

By: China has conducted four hypersonic weapons tests in just 18 months, a sign of its continued efforts to make advanced weapons. Hypersonic weapon delivery vehicles can reach supersonic speeds more than five times the speed of sound (Mach 5 and above). China confirmed conducting test flights of the new hypersonic missile delivery vehicles, […]

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British Pilots Took Part in Syria Air Strikes

By: British pilots have taken part in US and Canadian air strikes against Islamic State jihadists in Syria, the defence ministry said on Friday, despite parliament voting in 2013 against military action. Prime Minister David Cameron knew British military pilots were taking part in the bombing raids, his spokeswoman said. Some lawmakers have called […]

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Pratap Chatterjee, No Lone Rangers in Drone Warfare

By: Since November 2002, when a CIA drone strike destroyed the SUV of “al-Qaeda’s chief operative in Yemen,” Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi (“U.S. kills al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen”), it’s been almost 13 years of unending repeat headlines. Here are a few recent ones: “U.S. drone strike kills a senior Islamic State militant in Syria,” […]

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After Obama’s Nuke Deal, What Happens If Israel Attacks Iran?

By: In urging congressional Republicans and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reconsider their strong opposition to a new international agreement to block Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon in return for lifting economic sanctions, President Obama on Wednesday argued opponents of the deal have offered no alternative to diplomacy except going to war […]

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Rise of Hypersonic Missiles Render Fleets Obsolete

By: With the rise of hypersonic missiles, fleets have become largely obsolete, reduced as they are to huge sitting ducks. There is simply no defense for a large ship against an incoming MACH5 missile. Carriers can destroy small countries like Libya or Iraq, but not Russia and China. Hypersonic weapons can achieve speeds over […]

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On the Brink of Nuclear War, and You Don’t See It Coming

By: he possibility of nuclear war has become frighteningly real and we don’t even know it because mainstream media is intentionally remiss. A major unreported story occurred recently, which illustrates the immediacy of an impending nuclear confrontation. Former Russian leader, and one time US media darling Mikhail Gorbachev, spoke somberly about the increasing crises […]

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Saudi's newly appointed King Salman (R) shakes hands with US President Barack Obama at Erga Palace in Riyadh on January 27, 2015. Obama landed in Saudi Arabia with his wife First Lady Michelle Obama to shore up ties with King Salman and offer condolences after the death of his predecessor Abdullah. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Saudi Arabia Led Bombing Kills More Civilians in Yemen: International Silence

By: Saudi Arabia is continuing with its bombing campaign of Yemen along with coalition members that flout international law on a whim. In the latest attack by coalition military warplanes another 45 people have perished. Like usual, the indiscriminate nature of the bombing campaign means that ordinary civilians were the main victims of yet […]

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Saudi Arabia Is Getting Its @ss Kicked in Yemen

By: [youtube] Modern America is easily distracted. With the always simmering domestic issues its easy to take eyes off international incidents of note. One of those (besides the ISIS attack in the Sinai against Egyptian forces) is the continued fighting in Yemen. Info is sparse… understandable since any journalist would be literally placing […]

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The Privatization of Nuclear War

By: [youtube] With tensions growing in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, a new generation of nuclear weapons technology is making nuclear warfare a very real prospect. And with very little fanfare, the US is embarking on the privatization of nuclear war under a first-strike doctrine. “On August 6, 2003, on Hiroshima Day, […]

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