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The Ancient Ram Inn: A Visit to”England’s Most Haunted House”



It has been called the most haunted house in Britain… though how exactly one might measure, rank or quantify such a thing is beyond me. Nevertheless, there are countless stories of ghostly sightings at The Ancient Ram Inn; and worse still are the tales of forceful interference, physical assault and even demonic rape at this little old Gloucestershire pub.

Paranormal researchers have described a history of murders on the premises – the burning of a resident witch, a former innkeeper’s daughter hanged in the attic, the bones of ritually murdered children buried under the floor – while the Rt Rev John Yates, former Bishop of Gloucester, is said to have called the Ancient Ram, “the most evil place I have ever had the misfortune to visit,” following a failed attempt at exorcism.

Even amongst supernatural investigators, the place has an unprecedented reputation. It lies on the crossing point of two ley lines, one of which runs direct from Stonehenge; other researchers have claimed the inn sits upon an ancient pagan burial ground. Locals will cross over the street, we’re told, rather than walk past the Ancient Ram at night.

The cast of supernatural entities sighted at the property is extensive. Now standing for almost 1,000 years, the building has seen its share of residents come and go – and some have left more abruptly than others. Orbs have been photographed around the stairs and the attic; a variety of lights and apparitions have appeared to terrified visitors; a plumber working on the building once claimed to have seen a Roman Centurion on horseback emerging from a wall; and the most aggressive manifestations have typically been reported around the notorious ‘Bishop’s Room.’

Some of the most alarming stories about the Ancient Ram, however, have focussed on the proprietor himself. John Humphries, the building’s owner since 1968, tells of being dragged from his bed by violent entities – and raped, routinely, by the building’s resident succubus.

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