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Trial of Knox and Sollecito: Another Black Eye for Italian Justice (Italia Chiama Italia, Italy)


What kind of a country convicts people accused of murder, then acquits them, convicts them and acquits them again, while imprisoning them for years along the way? For Italia Chiama Italia, columnist Leonardo Cecca rips his nation’s justice system as an embarrassment to civilization:

To be fair, this appeared to be just another boorish and uncivilized illustration of our justice system. Yesterday, after eight years see-sawing from questionable evidence, testimony and inadmissible expert opinion to convictions and acquittals, came the verdict of the Court of Cassation [Corte di Cassazione – Italy’s highest court of appeal], which brings to an end the thriller of Perugia in which an English girl [Meredith Kercher] was found dead. The two people – Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito – already convicted, acquitted and then convicted again, have been definitively cleared of suspicion – “for not having committed the act.” Is this civilization or barbarism?

I won’t go into the merits of the final judgment, but I firmly believe that in a nation which prides itself on being civilized it should not take eight years to reach a verdict. When that happens it means that the various assumptions of guilt and/or innocence formulated at the time were just plucked out of thin air, and which, arrogantly and pompously, the authorities wanted to pursue.

It reminds me of proceedings, not long ago, in which the judge refused to hear some 80 witnesses proposed by the defense. What a blatant example of “fairness” on the part of people responsible for ascertaining the truth.

So this is what we have come to: more often than not it seems that sentences have already been formulated, whether based on mere conjecture and/or because they have been decided on the spot, from the first few minutes. That is to say nothing of the continuous investigations carried out with every breath. In the United States only those carried out within the first 48 hours are considered reliable, with supplemental investigations in only truly exceptional cases. With us, however, the crime scene has all the appearance of a train station.

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