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Two waves of RAF fighter jets return from dropping seven 500lb precision-guided Paveway bombs on ISIS in first British airstrikes in Syria


Britain will be bombing in Syria for years, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon warned today as the British fighter jets returned from their first mission targeting the ISIS-controlled Omar oil fields in Syria less than an hour after MPs overwhelmingly authorised military action.

Seven precision-guided 500lb Paveway bombs were dropped on the east of the country in two separate raids by Tornado jets flying out from RAF Akrotiri, in Cyprus, in a bid to disrupt the revenues which the jihadist group depends on to wage terror around the world. The MoD said that the raids appeared to be ‘successful’.

Mr Fallon said the campaign ‘is not going to be quick’, suggesting it will last for years rather than months, as he hailed the crunch Commons vote which saw a majority of 174 MPs back ‘action to tackle this menace’.

This morning six Typhoons flew out from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland while two more Tornados departed from RAF Marham in Norfolk to join the raids on Syria in response to a request from Britain’s allies.

A Tornado on the runway at RAF Akrotiri following the first bombing raids in Syria this morning

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