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War has Come to France – and France Must Win it (Le Figaro, France)


Given the events of the last few days, are the French truly prepared to defend their values and confront the apologists for inaction among them? Offering every indication that at least now the problem has come into stark relief, Le Figaro Editorial Director Alexis Brézet signals an end of tolerance for people who, ‘in the name of a perverted humanism and excessive anti-racism, have been complacent toward our worst enemies.’

For Le Figaro, Alexis Brézet writes in part:

This is a war, a real war waged not by soldiers but by shadowy assassins, methodical and organized killers whose quiet savagery curdles the blood. These savages killed yesterday, in the middle of Paris.

Confronted with war, our first duty is to unite. Whatever our origins, our opinions, our religions or our political choices, we must immediately and without hesitation proclaim our sacred union. With the ordeal now spreading through our country, nothing could be worse than to give our adversary the gift of petty quarreling or political divisions. In this respect we must salute the dignity of our public officials who, with the president of the republic at their head, were able to find the right words.

We salute the representatives of the Muslim community who have shouted loud and strong about the horror they felt at the abject crimes of these barbarians disguised as devotees. But the second duty is to arm ourselves, first of all, morally: how can we defend our values if we aren’t convinced of their pre-eminent dignity? Politically and legally, for too long, in the name of a perverted humanism and excessive anti-racism, we have been complacent toward our worst enemies. These “lost children of jihad,” fanatics unleashed by the Internet, but also these influential groups who, draped in their “community” finery, openly conspire against our country and its security. Against them, we must strike. Without weakness or faintheartedness. When a war comes, it must be won.

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