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What’s the CIA Up To? Refugees Stormed the Border of Ukraine



Migrants from the MENA in search of alternative routes to Germany reached Ukrainian Transcarpathia. This direction was chosen by the refugees after the tightening of the border regime in Austria and Slovakia. Last week the Ukrainian detachments of the state border service in the Transcarpathian region together with the border guards of EU countries found and detained several groups of illegal migrants. Three Syrian citizens detained by the guards of Department “Kosino” Mukachevo detachment of the state border service, and their colleagues of the same team noticed another group of refugees from the watchtower with a thermal imaging camera, which was handed over to the Hungarian military. Today the Ukrainian frontier guards of Department “Luhanka” detained a group of refugees from Africa: four natives of the Republic of Chad, and one from the Republic of the Sudan, according to Ukrainian TV channel 112. The emergence of migrants from the Western borders of Ukraine is logical, says the President of the Federation of migrants of Russia, Muhammad Amin Majumdar. According to him, once restrictive measures adopted by the EU, the most likely alternative route to Germany for Syrian refugees is in Western Ukraine and Poland, reports TASS. The government of Hungary, through which every day there are thousands and tens of thousands of refugees, is closer to being able to set aside any shyness in regard to the limitation of migration. In the country are seriously discussing the construction of the Hungarian-Romanian border fence with barbed wire. PM of Romania Victor Ponta suggests to his Hungarian colleagues:

Barbed wire, aggressive laws, prison and violence will not solve the problem.

But the foreign Ministry of Hungary, according to Interfax, says:

The construction of another wall is a necessary measure, because the situation on the Serbian-Hungarian border, people supporting illegal immigrants from entering the EU countries, changing routes.

Romania refused to accept refugees under the quota of the European Commission, demanding to first cut it into 3.5 times until 1785. As previously reported by the Telegraph (I’ve included this, right below – RB), Germany was the first European country to reinstate border controls, but the refugees do not lose hope to mollify the Germans and find shelter in one of the German länder.

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