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Tonight we welcome Jennifer Bukowsky to the show. Jennifer is a liberty-loving, award-winning constitutional and criminal defense attorney who has recently hung up her shingle and built a television studio. She has defended individuals from the government in 1400 criminal cases ranging from traffic tickets to murder in the first degree, and has been a regular weekly talk radio guest on the Gary Nolan show. She’s also a frequent commentator on a range of topics on various radio, TV, and podcasts.

Then, Jason Williams joins us tonight for the first time on the show. He was an Operations Officer for the CIA.  He worked in China, Pakistan and Middle East conducting clandestine operations.  He has also worked in Risk Management for banks and financial institutions and now has is own company that advises on geopolitical, cyber and security risk for companies and high networth individuals.


By Jethro Tull

Something In the Air
By Thunderclap Newman

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