John B. Wells

CTM Host

Heard on radio and television stations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, and South America, Wells is one of the world's most recognized voice artists. From Network Television programs to Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Company's Joint Strike Fighter and F22 Raptor Projects, Museum Exhibits such as Soviet Space and Ramses the Great, to movie trailers for Columbia Tri-Star, SonyPictures and Disney, his ability to communicate has been acknowledged with numerous Emmy, Clio, and Marconi Awards. An accomplished composer, musician, writer, actor, martial arts instructor, and aviator John B. Wells can best be described as a well-rounded Renaissance man who savors the pursuit of knowledge and discovery from the arcane to the esoteric.

Caravan to Midnight has evolved from a “Cyber Delivered Television Show like No Other!” in 2014, to a “Six Night Per Week Radio Show Like No Other”, augmented by Television broadcast. hosted by John B Wells, formerly of Coast To Coast AM.

Caravan To Midnight airs on many US radio stations from 9:00PM to11:00PM M-F, Saturday from 9:00PM to Midnight Central Time.

In addition, CTM streams each show on VOKALNOW. Pre-show News streams on and

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