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Tonight you have the chance to hear the story of Tim Gionet aka “Baked Alaska.” He is a comedian, rapper, and social media influencer from Anchorage, Alaska. He is known for starting several internet trends that helped President Trump win the 2016 presidency including The MAGA Anthem, the Trump Starbucks cup, and getting his famous MAGA tattoo signed by Trump himself. He has also managed Milo Yiannopoulos and started MAGA 3x alongside Mike Cernovich. Prior to his involvement in the Trump movement he worked for Warner Brothers and Capitol Records as a talent scout and for Buzzfeed as a video editor and social media strategist where he helped start the Buzzfeed food account, Tasty, until he left after  being ostracized for his political beliefs. In 2017 he attended several free speech rallies including Berkeley, New Orleans, and Charlottesville where he was scheduled to talk about free speech despite his political differences with other speakers whose beliefs further right than his, as he is a free speech absolutist. Instead – he was nearly blinded after being attacked with bear mace. Baked Alaska shares how he has been wrongfully slandered, harassed, deplatformed, his family doxxed and ostracized, despite revealing the truth of that terrible day and his condemnation against the alt right and Richard Spencer.

His book is Meme Magic Secrets Revealed and can be purchased on


Also tonight, we have the pleasure of speaking with CEO of The Near East Center for Strategic En-gagement LLC,  Lt. Colonel Sargis Sangari (US Army ret.) He is a former U.S. diplomat serving as Director of Host Nation Affairs in Kuwait. While serving in the US Army, Sangari had six years of continuous combat deployment in the Mid East-conducted 144 combat patrols, 22 Special Forces missions and survived 7 IED attacks. Col. Sargis Sangari has a deep skill set in Mid east languages and cultures and understands the plight minority communities in the Mid East and now uses his 20 year military experience to help Assyrian Christians in their struggle against ISIS. 


By Muse

We Didn’t Start The Fire
By Billy Joel


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CTM News Stories January 21st 2019

CTM News Stories January 22nd 2019

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