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Public speaker CAROL MILLER-DONNELLY visits us tonight to share her story of near death experience, miracles and passion for law enforcement. She knows life is a gift,and often too short to waste time. A published writer, poet and songwriter, she now devotes her time as a speaker and life coach. She shares her insight with those while in the hospital with those are afraid of ‘whats next’. She is also the founder of COPS,which makes her a great speaker for law enforcement events.


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Rachel Stephens is a Bible teacher from the YouTube channel Crack Your Bible. Twice a week, Rachel and the 57,000 strong “Crack Your Bible fam” tackle the Bible by going verse by verse through scripture. In addition to explaining scripture, Rachel tackles today’s personal, political and social problems by examining what the Bible says and how to apply it to these modern issues.


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CTM News Stories January 31st 2019

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