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Once again, Activist and Film Maker Randall Terry joins our news segment toinght. Mr. Terry is known worldwide as one of the most controversial Christian leaders and activists alive. The Founder of Operation Rescue and pro-life leader, Mr. Terry has been arrested nearly fifty times for peaceful pro-life activism, and spent over one year of his life in various jails and prisons. He is author of seven books with over 300,000 copies in print and host of the daily TV show “Voice of Resistance.”

Books Authored:
Dragon Slayers
The Sword
Why Does Nice Guy Like Me Keep Getting Thrown In Jail?

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To Help Fund Randall Terry Trip Through New York to Rebuke Cuomo and Democrats for Promoting Infant Murder

A Cold Day in Hell

Everybody loves Harry except for the “spitlickers” — Harry Cooper that is, and he is with us once again tonight. Right out of high school, Harry joined the  Air Force with aspirations of being a fighter pilot, and was disappointed to learn that there was more to being a fighter pilot than just wanting it. He spent six months in intensive training in weapons and demolition learning all the Air Force weapons from the .38 caliber aluminum pistol the pilots carried to the massive ‘special weapons‘ – hydrogen bombs. Now historian and writer, he is also the Founder and Member number One of Sharkhunters, the world renowned resource for German Navy, or Kreigsmarine history with an emphasis on U Boat history.

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I’d Love to Change the World
by Ten Years After

CTM News Stories February 8th 2019

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