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Tonight we welcome Bruce Aitken, who over a span of three decades was considered one of the world’s most successful money launderers.  Bruce learned his craft from none other than Nicholas Deak, a highly respected banker and former OSS/CIA officer who was known as the “James Bond of the banking world”, and who was the banker of choice for the clandestine services of the US during the Cold War.  Bruce speaks of his role in the Lockheed Aircraft Scandal in the 1970’s in Japan that led to the creation of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the Nugan Hand scandal and so much more. Bruce  shares his insights of what he has learned from these experiences, whereby he actually facilitated at times, what he believes is today referred to as the Deep State and the Industrial Military Complex that operates outside the law to further its own objectives.  Bruce is the author of “The Cleaner, The True Story of One of The World’s Most Successful Money Launderers”.

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Fred London is the author of three published books, Mountain Watch: Writings From Outside the Camp, More Writings From Outside the Camp, and An End-Time Church Manifesto. He is a Jewish believer in Jesus since 1971 and the son of a Holocaust survivor.  His wife is also a Jewish believer since 1971 and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor.  As a young Jewish believer, a personal crisis in his life led him to examine the issue of whether it was God’s intention to bring all Jews back to the Land prior to the Messiah’s return.  This process began 40 years ago which started Fred on a journey of understanding from a Biblical point of view.
Fred has taught and written on a variety of topics pertaining to Biblical themes and has spoken occasionally at churches and conferences, in recent years, he has had an increasing focus on Israel and the Church in the end-times.

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CTM News Stories February 14th 2019

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