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Joe Flynn
Joe Flynn is back with us tonight for an update on the legal battle of his brother, General Michael T Flynn. He is the Co-Director of the Lieutenant General Michael T Flynn Defense Fund and a great friend of Caravan to Midnight. He and his wife joined us in November 2018 at the first Operation Classified Conference in Dallas Texas.

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Chris Slattery
Chris Slattery joins us tonight to talk about the recent abortion legislation. As a NYC native, Chris pursued a dream to support pregnant women and girls in need with real alternatives to abortion – he launched Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in mid-town Manhattan in 1985, while also working in the advertising business. Chris’s organization is now in its 34th year, and was NYC’s first crisis pregnancy center and is today the largest and busiest network of pregnancy help centers in NYC, and EMC also oper-ated in San Antonio and Austin, Texas for 18 months from June of 2013. EMC has offered over 150,000 pregnant women in crisis- free pregnancy testing, on-site ul-trasounds, pro-life counseling, onsite subsidized pre-natal care, STD testing, and on-site adop-tion arrangements, referrals for housing and legal aid, and material assistance. Over 43,000 girls and women counseled and served by EMC have chosen Life, instead of abortion.

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CTM News Stories February 19th 2019

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