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James & JoAnne Moriarty

Whistle blowers James and JoAnne Moriarty were eye witnesses to war crimes in Libya in 2011 and captured by Al Qaeda. They were able to escape, and experienced three miracles. Upon return to the US, they were attacked by US government under Obama, soft killed and black listed. Since then, they are now considered official spokespersons for the great tribes of Libya.

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Marty Nemko

Marty Nemko is author of 12 books, including Careers for Dummies. He’s had REPEAT appearances on NPR’s Talk of the Nation, CNN, etc, was the one man in a one-man PBS special 8 Keys to a Better Worklife, and has interviewed hundreds of times in print from the New York Times to the LA Times on both jobs and education reform. He’s in his 30th year hosting Work wtih Marty Nemko on an NPR station in San Francisco, he has a PhD from Berkeley and taught there, yet he’s not the leftist those credentials would imply.Marty enjoys talking about anything from what’s in the news to what can improve one’s life.

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Marty Nemko


Break On Through
by The Doors

by  The Kinks


CTM News Stories February 22nd 2019

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