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Bob Kent

Bob Kent is a retired USAF Captain and runs an Iraq based geopolitical research and strategic intelligence firm that maintains information networks in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and North Africa. Since 2011, his networks have exclusively researched the Iranian Republican Guards Corp Qods Force and the militias they support. He is also working to raise funds to help free former FBI agent Robert Levinson who has been held captive by IRGC inside Iraq for almost twelve years.

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Daniel Duval

Daniel Duval is a highly sought after Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Coach. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a BSc in Microbiology with honors and distinction. After turning down a fellowship for a PhD in Virology from the University of Maryland at College Park, he attended Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, OK. He was later licensed as a minister by Faith Ministries Alliance. He is known for his effectiveness in the areas of inner healing and deliverance. He is an author, conference speaker, licensed minister and radio host. He is also the Executive Director of BRIDE Ministries and The Fire Place Church. Daniel has published four books, which are: Higher Dimensions Parallel Dimensions and the Spirit Realm, Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations, Noah’s Ark and the End of Days, and Wounded by Leadership. He is also the host of the Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval weekly podcast. He currently resides in Dallas, TX with his lovely wife.

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Books Written:
Wounded by Leadership
Noah’s Ark and the End of Days
Higher Dimensions, Parallel Dimensions and the Spirit Realm
Kingdom Government and the Promise of Sheep Nations
Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

Suits Maps and Guns
by Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard

by Muse

CTM News Stories March 12th 2019

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