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#METOO Analyst Dr. Paul Nathanson is a gender relations professor who has defined the field of misandry in our culture, who’s ultimate goal is to bring about Inter-sexual dialogue within our culture. Paul has been featured in Mens’ Rights online and he has been a guest on the Laura Ingraham Show. Topics tonight include the American male and the emasculation thereof, to include misogyny and misandry, how both are defined as hatred not merely anger, and feminism as an ideology and fundamentalist secular religion.

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Rachel Keane, also known more widely as Conservative Momma, is a satirical conservative vlogger and small business owner, where she consults conservative candidates on messaging. She is a mom of three, wife and past Screen Actors Guild member. Prior to entering politics Rachel spent her time in the theatre, acting, directing, and producing. It was in 2012 when she was a brand new mom and her father (who is her hero) ran for Congress and lost that she suddenly became aware and active in the political world. Rachel is passionate about fighting against socialism. Rachel also shares a message of faith and how important it is for Christians to step up and be vocal.

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