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Our guest tonight is President & Spokesman of ALIPAC, William Gheen. He?is considered one of the top experts in America regarding the topics of immigration, illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, border security, state and federal immigration laws, and associated issues. ?William’s fight against?illegal immigration?and any form of amnesty for?illegal immigrants?has been his mission since September 11, 2004. He is the primary administrator of the archives at? represents the largest collection of information about illegal immigration in the world! Each day thousands of visitors learn more about?ALIPAC’s Platform,?Endorsements, and?Accomplishments?as well as?Problems with Illegal Immigration?and important?Illegal Immigration Facts?thanks to William’s 12 years of work at

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Twitter : @ALIPAC

Father Paul Kramer is joining us again from Ireland, since his last visit on Episode 353 in 2015.  The topic of that program was “The Pope From Hell.”  Many of you may recall the discussion, which covered a number of topics revolving around the Papacy and who, exactly, is Pope Jorge Julio Bergoglio? Today we will ask Father Kramer about his perspective on the Cardinal Pell Case out of Melbourne, Australia and extrapolate the conversation from there.  This interview will not be for the faint of heart.

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Twitter: @paulkramer0

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CTM News Stories April 16th 2019

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