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For the first time on Caravan to Midnight, we have investigative journalist M. William Phelps. He is the New York Times best-selling author of 40 nonfiction books and winner of the Excellence in (Investigative) Journalism Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. Phelps has written for numerous publications—the Providence Journal, Connecticut Magazine and Hartford Courant. Diversifying his talents, a well-known national expert on serial killers, Phelps consulted on the first season of the hit Showtime cable television series DEXTER and is a constant presence on crime film sets.
He was also VETERAN TRUE CRIME EXPERT, content creator, executive  producer, writer and former host of Investigation Discovery’s DARK MINDS(2011 –2014).

Adding to his television work of over 200+ appearances, Phelps is exec producer and creator of TO CATCH A KILLER on Investigation Discovery. He is currently developing/exec producing several television series including a paranormal series and an investigative docuseries about Daniel Holtzclaw’s innocence (Oklahoma City), and in production on BREAKING A SERIAL KILL-ER: The Docuseries, directed by Oscar-winner Joe Berlinger (PARADISE LOST trilogy); he also appears on SEX, LIES & MURDER (REELZ) and DEADLY WOMEN (ID); recurring expert on 14 seasons of Oxygen’s SNAPPED; consultant/associate producer to Piers Morgan’s SERIAL KILLER with PIERS MORGAN and KILLER WOMEN; along with expert commentary on several series: KILLER COUPLES, WICKED ATTRACTION, ICE COLD KILLERS, EVIL STEP MOMS, and more.

Tonight’s topics include his latest release, WHERE MONSTERS HIDE: Sex, Murder, & Madness in the Midwest, current book in progress “The Kaitlyn Conley Case”, current technology solving cold cases, how popular culture misunderstands or misrepresents the serial killer.

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DJ Jefani is an electronic dance music DJ who is reporting on the Q phenonon through music that Generation Z and Millenial club-goers would noy othjerwise be exposed to. This is his debut appearance on Caravan to Midnight.

Crystal is a Music Video Producer who works to integrate the Q Anon phenomenon into the arts. She is 35 years old, from Illinois and has a passion for making music videos. Crystal was recently Q’d with DJ Jefani for a video that she made for his Qanon song.

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Crystal Twitter: @_crystalmaga

Revolution Blues
Neil Young

Kendra Morris


CTM News Stories April 17th 2019

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