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Tonight we find out first hand what it’s like to be a conservative patriotic student on college campuses today. Dylan Quattrucci is a 21 year old from Carmel, New York. He is an aspiring lawyer who has interned for the New York State 94th District and also in the Erie County Supreme Court. He recently graduated college early at the University at Buffalo with Magna Cum Laude honors. He majored in both History and Legal Studies with a minor in sociology.

He is passionate about fighting to preserve constitutional values for future generations, especially free speech.

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Twitter:  @TheRightWarrior

J.P. Cloonan joins CTM to talk about cyber security, remote viewing and socialism among a few other topics.
J.P. is the CEO of CRISP, Inc, a computer security business that he developed from beta to successful over a 20 year period.
He also burned the midnight oil as a Government I.T. Contractor working for Senator Mark Miller (D- Wisconsin). It was while working for Senator Miller that he first discovered how prevalent the software applications sold to the American people as tools to fight the War on Terror were really tools to put liberty in a cage. J.P. has been working on the internet since before it existed publicly. A smart kid that was building PC’s & websites at the age of 12, was in R.O.T.C., graduated high school early, and was an exchange student near Frankfort Germany. Mr. Cloonan was also Professor of Music (Percussion Instruments) at University of Wisconsin, and plays Celtic drums professionally on stage.

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The Art Of Noise
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CTM News Stories May 9th 2019

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