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Our guest tonight is video journalist, Ford Fischer. He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of and he uses up-close livestream and raw video to bring his audience into the action and enables them to make their own decisions about what they see. He primarily focuses on political activism. His video work has been featured in dozens of films and documentaries, including Oscar and Emmy winners. Tonight he talks about his latest filming of a standoff at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC.

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Join us for an impassioned conversation with Christopher McDonald – he is a patriot, a pastor and the Founder and Editor of the Grear Smoky Mountain Journal. He hosts the Mc Files Broadcast, a podcast dedicated to truth, faith and Liberty.
The Great Smoky Mountain Journal is a fantastic resource for news that is relevant to Christians, conservatives and Constitutionalists as we navigate these tumultuous times.

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The Unpossible
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CTM News Stories May 23rd 2019

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