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In tonight’s episode we are joined by first-time guest Dr. Charles Page to discuss Covid-19, the positive results that have been seen using the Malaria medication Chloroquine, and more.
A surgeon with over 15 years of experience serving East Texas, Dr. Page is the author of “A Spoonful of Courage for the Sick and Suffering”.

We are then joined by returning guest and filmmaker John Paul Rice to discuss Coronavirus and its relationship to the recent weird behaviors of the Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Hanks, David Spade, Madonna and Ellen. Subject matter discussed includes: Adrenochrome, child and human trafficking, and the Deep State in Hollywood.

John formed “No Restrictions Entertainment” in 2008 with filmmaker Edgar Michael Bravo to make feature films that tell meaningful stories on topics rarely addressed in today’s Hollywood movies. Most recently, the company released their 6th project in 10 years with “A Child’s Voice”, a supernatural thriller about a runaway teen who answers a child calling out for help and is sent on a journey to find a human trafficking network run by the child’s killer.


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